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Motivation of the believer to keep going is love for God. Part 2.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Definition: Motivation means inducement, incentive, influence, ground for something, the goal or the object of one’s actions. Motivation can be either thinking or emotion.

a. God’s love is eternal; it has always existed; there never was a time when it did not exist. It has no beginning.
b. God’s love exists with or without an object.

c. God’s love has always existed along with the righteousness and justice of God, because they are all a part of the same person.
d. God’s love has always existed as a part of the integrity of God.

e. The fact that God is eternal means that God has no beginning. God does not have motivation, rather He is motivation.

Will you remain motivated to continue down the path of your personal sense of destiny because of your understanding of the integrity of God and your taste of the love of God?

f. Motivation has a beginning with the existence of mankind. Mankind has motivation in the soul.

Motivation always has a beginning for mankind, but the essence of God has always existed. God IS motivation.

God never said, “I have made creatures and now I’ll love them.” He said, “I’ve always known about My creatures and I’m going to give them Myself.”

To be given the most assets and the most power is great motivation.

To be called children of God by means of His love is to be a member of the family that is the one true Royalty. Isn’t that motivating?

God functions on His eternal integrity [R + J] with emphasis on the love of God. Integrity is not motivation; it is on a higher plain than motivation.

God’s integrity motivates us, and this includes righteousness and justice as well as love. God does not have to be motivated, because He knew all that would ever happen billions of years before it ever occurred.

Motivation in the soul is the result of Bible doctrine in the stream of consciousness, which produces personal love for God.

God, unlike believers, was not motivated by love, God is love and His eternal love for you always was and will never change.

You were set free by God, by means of Bob, whom He gave you as a gift.

God’s love always did for us, and since He cannot change, God’s love will always do for us and therefore God does not need to be motivated.

Reciprocal love is the fact that we love God because we have learned His integrity, +R and +J, through the inculcation of BD under the F-HS. The positive believer is motivated to press on when others will quit.

1SA 13:14
“But now your kingdom shall not endure. The Lord has sought out for Himself a man after His own heart, and the Lord has appointed him as ruler over His people, because you have not kept what the Lord commanded you.”

What is in God’s heart? Righteousness and justice manifested by love and grace. This was David’s motivation and should be ours.

God’s justice and righteousness were satisfied so that He could treat mankind in love and grace, and this has been His mind forever past and is forever future.

Human motivation has a beginning in reciprocity, we love because God first loved us, when the word of the Lord is part of the soul.

There is both good and bad emotion; there is both good and bad motivation, but none of it belongs to God.

You will be motivated by what you love.

God motivates us. We do not motivate God by any legitimate or illegitimate works.

Motivation has a beginning. God does not have a beginning. God does not have motivation.

Blessing or discipline from God originates from His eternal integrity. When God disciplines us, His righteousness and justice have not changed; therefore, neither has His love toward us changed.

The righteousness of God is the principle - the standard of integrity that approves or disapproves.

The justice of God is the function - the execution of His integrity that blesses or disciplines.

The love of God is the demonstration of His integrity that provides divine solutions and motivation—principles related to spiritual growth.

Good and pure motivation begins with knowledge of Bible doctrine and reciprocal love for God.

God motivates us through divine revelation of Himself in the infallible word of God.

God makes His motivation perspicuous through the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit, Jn 14:26.

Jn 14:26 “But our Mentor, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will cause you to remember all that I said to you.”

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