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Motivation of the believer to keep going is love for God.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Men are so proud and forceful in their own sinfulness, if God is going to help, He must make men realize their own hopelessness and helplessness.

Man, apart from God, can never attain this love, but what is impossible with man has been made possible with God through the revealing of His love on the Cross, and the plan of God given to every believer of Christ.

No matter what environment God gives to man, without a relationship with God man is selfish, unreasonable, prideful, and miserable.

The very righteousness of God that is imputed to man at salvation can be brought to an experience as we have the potential to live in the very integrity and virtue of God by means of the F-HS, PMA-BD, and execution of the PPOG, all by means of grace and without work on the part of man.

Do we ever work or earn the capacity for His love? Never! We receive it if we will receive His word under the F-HS.

We are empty vessels that have been given a treasure within that has great potential in time, all by courtesy of the grace of God.

How are you in the face of Christ when He is invisible to you now? The word of God is His glory (revelation of His essence) that you can see.

Those speak best for Christ say the least about themselves. Our good news message and our divine good works speak louder than our lip service to ourselves.

John was aware of his great mission within the framework of the grace of God. But does he think of himself as being great? No, he knows that he is a man sent from God because of who and what God is, not because of who and what he is.

Though the flesh has been crucified with Christ and is dead we still have the choice of living in the power of the treasure within or the pseudo-power of the OSN within.

The CWL is no different, to be successful you need to be motivated, but the motivation in the CWL comes from personal love for God and never any works or talents on the part of man.


The Definition of Motivation = inducement, incentive, influence, ground for something, the goal or the object of one’s actions. Motivation can be either thinking or emotion.

a. God’s love is eternal; it has always existed; there never was a time when it did not exist. It has no beginning.

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