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What must come first before fantastic blessings from God.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Abram has come to the place of occupation with the giver, which makes the potential gift enjoyable.

His gift is going to be sexual prosperity, from which will come not only the sign of a new race, circumcision, but also the means of perpetuating that new race through one person only.

In the distribution of ultra supergrace blessing, there must be appreciation of the giver for total enjoyment of the gift, GEN 22:1-14.

Turn to MAR 3:11

The great issue is what is inside the soul, and the posture merely reflects what is in Abrams soul.

While people can go through the overt ritual, or the overt actions of submission, it does not necessarily mean submission.

Fantastic blessings from God can be enjoyed, but recognition of authority must come first.

`elohiym wayadabeer = to speak, declare, promise, to pronounce.

While Jesus Christ is the actual spokesman, what Jesus Christ is presenting is the thinking of the Father and the Holy Spirit as well as the Son.

The Fathers emphasis - the origin of the plan of God. The Sons emphasis - the execution of the plan of God. The Holy Spirits emphasis - revealing the plan of God.

The justice of God the Father, the justice of God the Son, and the justice of God the Holy Spirit are all involved in providing blessing to anyone in the primary zone.

covenant - beriyth = an unconditional covenant (agreement, disposition) between God as party of the first part in favor of Abraham and his progeny as the party of the second part.

Being adjusted to the justice of God is being adjusted to every characteristic in the essence of God.

Abram is 99 years old and physically incapable of fathering a child, but spiritually he has come to the point of total maturity, the primary zone, the place of appreciation of the Giver.

It is not because of any merit in advance to S.M., but because of the merit and wisdom of God in giving Abram the fulfillment of the covenant at the right time, when Abram was ready.

He tried to recognize Lot as his heir; Eliazar of Damascus Ishmael as his heir.

JER 17:5 “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength,”

The covenant blessing to Abram includes the original paragraph of GEN 12:2-3; a new race and a new nation will come from Abram.

The promise land was given first to Abram, GEN 13:14-16, GEN 15:18-21, and it includes certain things that are not on the earth.

The eternal Jerusalem, REV 21:2,10, also belongs to Abram; it is his city.

HEB 11:10 for he was looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

The Abrahamic covenant becomes pivotal in human history because it provides a new race to become custodians of doctrine, and serve God in evangelism and communication of doctrine.

nations - goyim = a foreign nation; a Gentile; a heathen nation, non-Hebrew people.

`ab = the father of many Gentile nations; father of an individual, God as Father of His people, the head of a household, a group, a family; a term of respect and honor as the forerunner or prototype of faith in Christ.

Abraham is called the father of us all, ROM 4:1,16; GAL 3:7.

Abram is the pattern of eternal salvation, or the adjustment to the justice of God at salvation.

GEN 15:6, ROM 4:11-16 - Abram as the father, or the pattern, of all who adjust to the justice of God at salvation.

Robert R. McLaughlin All Rights Reserved 2002

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