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Why we need to be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

1. It means to fill up a deficiency. The filling of the Holy Spirit fills up our deficiency of power to execute the spiritual life.
2. Secondly, it means to fully possess.

The believer must be fully possessed by the Holy Spirit before he can learn and Bible doctrine and be fully possessed by the blessings of maturity.

3. To fully influence.
The believer is fully influenced by the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit with Bible doctrine so that he can have capacity to glorify God.

4. To fill with a certain quality. The filling of the Holy Spirit and fellowship with God through the intake of doctrine is the highest quality with which the believer can be filled.

At the time of writing the present tense was a tendential present, which means Paul was being very implicit and direct here because this was not taking place in the church at Ephesus.

However, for the rest of the church age, it becomes a durative present tense, which is used for an action or state of being in the past continuing into the present; hence, present linear aktionsart.

The passive voice indicates that the Church-age believer is acted upon by God the Holy Spirit inside the PPOG.

The Greek preposition en plus the instrumental of agency can be translated “keep on being controlled by means of the Spirit.”

The perfect passive participle of anakalupto means to have a veil removed, to be uncovered, in the passive voice it means having been unveiled or having been uncovered.

The phrase “their thinking was hardened” means they rejected his teaching and had scar tissue of the soul.

Now, like Moses, when we are filled with the Spirit and learning doctrine, we are face-to-face with the Lord when we hear the teaching of the word of God contained in the New Testament canon.

Metabolized doctrine in your soul creates a mirror into which you can look and see what you are really like,JAM 1:23-25.

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