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Nehemiah. Part 9.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Nehemiah’s name means “Jehovah or the Lord has comforted.”

He was living in a place of prosperity and blessing as a result of living in the PPOG as revealed in plan of God for his dispensation.

Nehemiah was anxious to know the truth even about the worst situations!

Is our interest born of concern or idle curiosity?

1. He cared enough to ask what was going on in Jerusalem, NEH 1:1-3.

Nehemiah was a cupbearer to the great “Artaxerxes
Longimanus,” who ruled Persia from 464 to 423 B.C.

At each meal, he tested the king’s wine to make sure it wasn’t poisoned.

A man who stood that close to the king in public had to be handsome, cultured, knowledgeable in court procedures, and able to converse with the king and advise him if asked, GEN 41:1-13.

Because he had access to the king, the cupbearer was a man of great influence, which he could use for good or for evil.

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