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The New Testament analogy of the Fish Gate and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Part 1.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1. Regeneration which means the Holy Spirit creates a human spirit for the imputation of eternal life, TIT 3:5.
2. The Baptism of the Spirit who, God the Holy Spirit, enters us into union with Christ, Acts 1:5; 1CO 12:13.

In retroactive positional truth, we reject and are separated from good and evil, and divorced from the old sin nature.

While identification with Christ in His physical death and burial connotes breaking the power of the old sin nature, it still doesn’t give us anything new.

When God takes away the old (by retroactive positional truth), He substitutes the new (by current positional truth).

ACT 1:5 for John baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. “

3. The indwelling of God the H.S. who indwells our body in order to create a temple for the indwelling of Jesus Christ as the Shekinah Glory, 1CO 6:19-20.
4. Sealing of the Spirit is our security as royal family in time as well as eternity, and a guarantee of the existence of our escrow blessing, 2CO 1:22; EPH 1:13; EPH 4:30.

5. The distribution of your spiritual gift, 1CO 12:11, But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.
6. Efficacious grace; EPH 2:8. – The ministry of God the Holy Spirit in making the faith of the spiritually dead person effective for eternal salvation.
7. The filling of the Holy Spirit, EPH 5:18.

The substance of the New is greater that the shadow of the Old because the New Testament believer is given the filling of the Spirit which is the first “power” option in the Christian life.

The filling of the Spirit is the second problem solving device for the execution of the PPOG.

To make it from salvation to spiritual maturity requires the filling of the Holy Spirit and the daily intake of Bible doctrine.

Because the body is the headquarters of the old sin nature, the Holy Spirit sets up His headquarters in the body for counteraction.

The battlefield is the soul and the soul needs to be controlled the power of God and therefore there is a command to be filled with the Spirit, EPH 5:18.

The substance of the filling of the Spirit is a positive command and the major difference between the old ministry of God the H.S. and the new ministry of the Spirit for the Church-age.

The next salvation ministry of God the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One of two stages of the intensification of the angelic conflict;. It’s divided into 2 parts, the Church-age, which is the hidden stage, and the Tribulation which is the overt stage. The C.A. is the most intensive hidden part of the AC and in this particular age the life of every believer is a target, in contrast to the fact that in the O.T. dispensation, Christ and the line of Christ was the target.

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