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The New Testament analogy of the Old Testament Fish Gate. Distinctions and function of each Spiritual Gift; Part 5.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

5. The spiritual gifts as an illustration of the grace policy of God.

It is one of the seven salvation ministries that God the HS did for every bel at the moment of salvation = “hands off” on the part of any believer who thinks they have the right to put their “hands on.”

Loyalty is a good thing if it is for the right purpose and for the truth.

HOS 6:6 For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, And in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

Certainly we do not want to be loyal and find we have pledged our allegiance to something that is false.

PRO 17:15 He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, Both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.

LUK 23:11-12, And Herod with his soldiers, after treating Him with contempt and mocking Him, dressed Him in a gorgeous robe and sent Him back to Pilate. Now Herod and Pilate became friends with one another that very day; for before they had been at enmity with each other.

It’s not my opinion or yours that matters; but what God’s Word has to say about this that really counts?

1. Do you believe that this principle refers to literally touching God’s men physically.
2. You have the right to touch God’s men with your tongue as many do as JAM 3:6 forbids?

The spiritual gift that you possess is not a sign of superiority spiritually or a sign of growth or inferiority.

a. EPH 5:18, the filling of the Spirit.  b. Spiritual growth.

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