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The New Testament analogy of the Old Testament Fish Gate. Filling of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit. Part 6.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Temple of the believer’s body.

There is no verb to be in the Greek, the Greek says “a” temple of God, and the absence of the definite article places emphasis on the temple.

In the Church-age, there is no sanctuary or sacred building.
A sanctuary today is the human body of the believer.

All the sacred buildings are made of flesh and the thing that makes the building sacred is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, who is also the basis of production.

In verses 17-21, we have the principle of hindrances to divine good production.

1. In verses 16-17, false teaching and false doctrine is the first reason why these Corinthians have failed. They do not know that the Holy Spirit indwells them, verse 16.

These Corinthians are indwelt and their body is the temple of the HS but they are controlled by their OSN, therefore, the purpose of the indwelling of the HS is neutralized.

You talk to a spiritual believer in terms of doctrine, in terms of categories, in terms of truth found in the Word of God.

Whether you like it or not, when you are controlled by the old sin nature you do not desire doctrine, you desire entertainment.

“ears tickled” = pres/pass/ part, – knetho – They are under the influence of evil and the more false doctrine they hear the more they want to hear and it becomes an itch which they scratch vigorously.

You can’t communicate to the carnal believer with doctrine of any type, he is not interested in that, he is interested in entertainment.

God the Holy Spirit does not control us when we sin (grieve Him) or perform human good or evil (quench Him).

The Greek word for “baby” here is the adjective nepios meaning immature or childish.

“in Christ,” means they are still in Christ even though they are out of fellowship, carnal and in miserable condition and talk, and walk, just like unbelievers.

Milk refers to simple things, the most basic type of food while solid food refers to doctrine pertaining to spiritual life.

Verse 3, the sad thing is that a carnal believer cannot be distinguished from an unbeliever.

When a bel is controlled by his OSN, – he produces human good [energy of the flesh], and he produces sin.

2. Then a second reason is that the believer is side-tracked and easily led astray.

The word for destroys means to corrupt someone mentally, to lead someone astray mentally, to change their viewpoint and give them a wrong view of life.

The word has to do with what you think and thinking the wrong thing because someone you admire or someone who is persuasive makes you think that. It actually means to corrupt the mental attitude.

The Corinthians were living under systems of pseudo spirituality because they had accepted the teaching of the Judaizers.

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