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The new things that have come: The Divine power of God.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
2.  The dispensation of the unique PPOG.
3.  Unique Equality in the PPOG.
4.  The Unique Portfolio of Invisible Assets.

5.  The two Unique Royal Commissions for every Church Age Believer, the royal priesthood and the royal ambassadorship.
6.  The body of the Church Age believer being  indwelt by each person of the Trinity.
7. The Unique Availability of Divine Power.

a. The filling of the Holy Spirit and therefore the use of divine power.
b. Understanding of Bible doctrine and therefore the availability of divine power.
c. The execution of the PPOG and therefore the use of divine power.

The greatest power functioning in the world today is the power of God.
We need to recognize why we need this power so bad.

We need divine power because of the fact that Satan, as the ruler of this world, has maximum power which is utilized for his evil policy of both moral and immoral degeneracy.

Satan’s power is revealed by the fact that he is the highest of all angels, and ruler of all fallen angels. MAT 9:34; MAT 12:26; LUK 11:18-19

MAT 9:34, he is called “the ruler of demons.”
MAT 12:26, he has a kingdom.

He is the most beautiful creature to come from the hand of God. Satan is a pre-historic super-creature according to ISA 14:12-17; EZE 28:11-19.

Satan’s power is revealed by the fact that he is an organizational genius with a great organization of demons,EPH 6:10-12.

EPH 6:12, For our warfare is not against blood and flesh, people’s souls or their O.S.N.

but against the rulers
these are the highest ranking demons in Satan’s organization, such as Abaddon or Apollyon and or Beelzebub.

against the powers refers to demon officers who have phenomenal authority.

against the world forces of this darkness
the world rulers which refers to Satan’s demon ambassadors who control many of the rulers of this world.

against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places
these are the spiritual forces of evil in the atmosphere around the earth, the stellar universe, and even in the presence of God to represent Satan.

Satan is also the origin of murder and violence in the human race,
GEN 4:8; 6:4-11; JOH 8:44.

Since the fall of Adam, Satan has been the ruler of this world,
LUK 4:5-7; JOH 12:31; JOH 14:30; JOH 16:11; 2CO 4:4; EPH 2:2.

1.  Gospel, 2CO 4:3-4.
2.  Ministers, 2CO 11:13-15.
3.  Doctrine, 2TI 4:1.
4.  Communion table, 1CO 10:19-21.
5.  Spirituality, GAL 3:2-3.

False teachers are also a part of his strategy,
1JO 4:1-3.

2TI 3:13, But evil men [men influenced by the satanic policy of evil] and impostors [false teachers and those who have no right to teach] will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving [others] and being deceived [themselves].

In 2TI 2:24-26, the pastor is to told to take disciplinary action toward those opposed to doctrinal teaching, so that they will recover from apostasy and be delivered from the devil’s trap.

They need a change of mind leading to a knowledge of Bible doctrine.

One thing about being deceived by the power of Satan is that you start to lose your spiritual senses and then your common sense.

The devil holds believers captive by legalism, self-righteousness, arrogance, emotionalism, guilt, fear, condemnation, and such sins as manipulation.

Satan’s will is the production of evil, human good and dead works in the cosmic system.

Prin-The Church-age is the most intensive time of the angelic conflict, therefore, the greatest delegation of divine power in human history occurs between the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of the Church.

Divine omnipotence is related to both God’s promises and God’s actions on our behalf, both of which we call actions of grace.

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