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The new things that have come; The responsibility and accountability of the Royal Priesthood, part 10.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Under the principle of the doctrine that new things have come we have be been noting the two unique Royal Commissions:
The Royal Priesthood and the Royal Ambassadorship.

How the seven churches portray seven different types of individual believers that live in every generation.

1. The Ephesus type believer who has some divine good production but has left their first love, (REV 2:1-7).
2. The Smyrna type believer who is willing to accept suffering for blessing, (REV 2:8-11).

3. The Pergamum believer is warned about compromising and becoming a stumbling block to others, (REV 2:12-17).
4. The Thyatira type of believers tolerate false doctrine and false teaching even though in they have love and faith and service and perseverance,
(REV 2:18-29).

5. The Sardis types need to Wake up, and strengthen the things that remain, (REV 3:1-6).
6. The Philadelphia type who have kept with doctrine and have not denied the Lord’s name, (REV 3:7-13).

7. And then the lukewarm Laodicean believer, (REV 3:14-22).

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