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Robert R. McLaughlin
December 2, 2018

The written word and the Living word are under attack, whether it is the Written Word or whether or not it is the Living word, it does not really matter, the devil is always trying to deceive us on either realm.

No one really knows the devil’s real name because whether it is the devil or Satan it is simply just one of his titles not one of his names.

Arrogance wants to be recognized and when it is not recognized arrogance rebels and attacks those who are being promoted.

The humor of God that will not permit or allow Satan’s real name to be elevated or promoted because arrogance hates to be ignored and Satan is the epitome of this arrogance.

The”Written Word” describes our Lord’s function and relationship with His people.

In MAT 4:5, we read what the devil tried to do so by using the word of God or abusing the word of God.

This time it is the devil who is misquoting the Word hoping to get the humanity of our Lord to fail.

This time Satan uses the word to distort and attack those who live by the Written Word.

All the devil is doing here is to mislead or deceive those who are listening to his lies because we need to remember that Satan or the devil really has no respect for the word of God at all.

As usual, he is nothing but a liar and therefore everything that he promises he cannot fulfill.

The devil tried to use the word of God, by distorting the word or using the Word of God against our Lord.

The “Living Word” is the result of studying the life that our Lord lived for all of us.

The first section or paragraph which is given in the first 11 verses of proverbs chapter Eight where we have the importance of the communication of Bible doctrine; Pro 8:1-11.

Then, in the second paragraph in Pro 8 verses 12-21, we have the second section which deals with the production of doctrine or that which wisdom or chokmah in the Hebrew can produce in us; Pro 8:12-21.

Pro 8:17 “I doctrine love those who love me;”

The most important love in your life is to love doctrine which is the means or the vehicle of your personal love toward God.

If you do not have phileo or personal love for God, then the Bible says that we will be under a curse.

Notice the word diligently which refers to the fact that it takes effort to search for doctrine.

Bible doctrine is not going to force itself upon you because doctrine or the wisdom of God reveals that our Lord is a perfect gentleman.

Bible doctrine requires some aggression on our part.

The Hebrew verb for “diligently seek” is known as being in the Piel stem of the Hebrew verb shachar which is what is known as an intensive stem or an intensive search for the word of God.

Notice that it says riches and honor are with me not in other places.

Doctrine or the word of God is said to do something just for us as in Pro 8:21, which says that doctrine or chokmah is said to endow those who love me [wisdom] with wealth, that I may fill their treasuries.

endow =  the Hebrew verb nachal which means to cause my lovers to inherit, it means to get or take as a possession.

This word nachal according to the Theological wordbook of the Old Testament signifies giving or receiving property or blessings which is a part of the believer’s permanent possession as a result of his positive volition toward doctrine.

In other words, doctrine causes your escrow blessings to be released in time, little by little, or in the eternal state.

This Hebrew verb nachal means something that is permanently given to the believer and therefore something that has eternal repercussions.

It is through knowledge of doctrine that the believer receives his inheritance.

Pro 8:21 says that wisdom will endow those who love me [chokmah] with wealth, that I may fill their treasuries.

Treasuries is the Hebrew noun otsar which means a storehouse, an armory, an escrow account; a place of escrow blessings.

It is a reference to the divine house which the Lord builds through doctrine and therefore it refers to the soul structure which doctrine has built.

We have the third paragraph which is found in Pro 8:22-36, here is where we have the dynamics of metabolize doctrine.

This is a reference to the Bible doctrine our Lord possessed in eternity past when He, our Lord, used to bring glory to our God.

We are noting what our Lord was doing at some time in eternity past.

We will study the birth of our Lord, and then the life of our Lord and then finally, the ultimate victory of our Lord on the cross.

Pro 8:22, we read that the wisdom of God is revealed by passages that teach that us the principle that “The Lord possessed Me at the beginning of His way, before His works of old.”

Pro 8:22, we read The Lord possessed Me [that is the chokmah or the wisdom of God] and then the passage goes on to say that:

Our Lord was being blessed and we would say that  the Lord Possessed doctrine [notice] at the beginning of His way, before His works of old.

  1. The Lord possessed the chokmah or the wisdom that He was possessed by the wisdom of God.
  2. The Lord is not only possessed by doctrine but the Lord also used doctrine to perform His works.
  3. This passage says that the Lord had a beginning of His way, before His works of old.
  4. Doctrine was working together with the Spirit of God and we are told that our Lord used the wisdom in the beginning of “His way,” before “His Works of Old.

All of this tells us how our Lord used chokmah or wisdom in the beginning of His way, before His works of old.

Doctrine was around in eternity past.
Doctrine was around before the creation of the angels.
Doctrine was around before the angelic conflict.

The Hebrew verb to be established is the verb nasak which means to be installed in the rooms of your soul.

The most valuable thing is usually the thing that is the oldest, and the oldest thing is in the form of thought and that thought is Bible doctrine.

When you look out and see the magnificence of the mountains, just remember before those hills were settled in place…… doctrine existed even before them.

Also we note that the Lord Jesus Christ used doctrine to create the universe.

And He is called the master workman in the Hebrew noun amon which refers to an architect, one who is skilled.

Doctrine was a daily thing for TLJC and it should be a daily thing for us.

Here is something that pre-existed all forms of creation, including angels and mankind.

The word blessed is ashere and in the plural it means happinesses.

First – Capacity,
Second – Possession
Thirdly – Inner happiness
Fourth – Overt happiness

  1. You will never really enjoy life until you develop a capacity to do so in your soul.
  2. With maximum doctrine resident in the soul as a basis for the capacity for life or blessing which is really a life for the mature believer who can enjoy the benefits of grace in time and in eternity.

PSA 103:2   Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits;

  1. You’ll never forget the benefits of God when you have maximum doctrine in the soul.

Joh 15:11  “I have taught you these things, in order that My happiness [+H] might be in you, and that your happiness might be completed [fulfilled].”

  1. You will never enjoy what you have without capacity for life through doctrine resident in the soul.
  2. You will always BE looking for something more or something better unless you have capacity in your soul and appreciation of God’s grace.

Instruction – is the Hebrew noun musar which is correction and discipline that results from being faithful to the word of God.

There has always been and there still is an attack on the daily intake of Bible doctrine.

I’m not talking about unbelievers but believers being used by Satan to discredit doctrinal teaching and the believer’s commitment to the daily intake of doctrine.

These individuals make it seem like you are a fanatic if you take in doctrine daily, or that you are getting puffed up because of too much knowledge.

In Neh 8:18, a revival was taking place in Israel because of the desire for doctrine from their teacher, Ezra, the priest.

Neh 8:18  And he read from the book of the Law of God [that is the Torah] daily, from the first day to the last day.

TLJC made it crystal clear that we would need the word of God daily to survive in Mat 4:4 and Luk 9:23.

Luk 9:23  And He was saying to them all, “if anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.

Luk 19:47 And He was teaching daily in the temple; and the chief priests and the scribes and the leading men among the people were trying to destroy Him,

In Luk 22:53, the Lord said While I was with you daily in the temple,

Or in Act 16:5  So the churches were being strengthened in the faith, and were increasing in number daily.

In Psa 145:2…”Everyday will I bless thee”

In Psa 61:8…”I will perform my vows or my responsibilities daily”

In Psa 72:15… “Daily shall He be praised”

Psa 119:164 Seven times a day I will praise Thee because of your righteous judgments.

Psa 1:2  “But his delight [the mature believer] is in the Law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.”

Isa 8:9  “My Lord, I have called daily upon you.”

The apostle Paul cease not to warn everyone night and day in Acts 20:31 “Therefore be on the alert, remembering that night and day for a period of three years I did not cease to admonish each one with tears.

Paul tells us in 2CO 4:16 that our inward man the new creature is being renewed day by day, 2CO 4:16  Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day.

In ACT 2:46 the early church continued daily with one accord in the temple, ACT 2:46 And day by day continuing with one mind in the temple,

Act 5:42  And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they kept right on teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.

In 2Ch 8:14,  The Levitical priests would praise and minister daily.

In 2Ch 31:16,  They would enter the house of the Lord for their daily obligations.

In Ezr 3:4, they offered burnt offerings daily, according to the ordinance, as each day required.

In Jer 7:25, the Lord says “Since the day that your fathers came out of the land of Egypt until this day, I have sent you all my servants the prophets, daily rising early and sending them.

In Act 19:9, the apostle Paul taught doctrine and reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannus.

In verse 36, “All those who hate me  NVTD love death.”

Death here means no life and enjoyment in time and then ultimately, the sin unto death for those who have refused the correction of the Lord.

There are too many other things that they consider more important, this is called grieving the Holy Spirit.

Rev 12:11  Furthermore, they [believers in TLJC] overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and [they overcame him] because of the doctrine applied by means of their testimony,

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