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Robert R. McLaughlin
November 13, 2019

Most of you are very familiar with the Doctrine of Numerology which is the spiritual significance of certain numbers in the Word of God as they relate to the pre-designed plan of God in our lives.
A few biblical references that you are familiar with to reveal the exact accuracy of certain numbers and how they relate to the plan of God and they are by God the Holy Spirit as a means of teaching His disciples and those believers who have PVTD.

The numbers in the Bible have a deeper prophetic or spiritual importance. There are hidden concepts and meanings that many casual believers do not understand.
In fact, Augustine, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and many others have tried to decipher the hidden meanings of the Biblical numbers.


For example, the Biblical Meaning of Number 1 comes from understanding that it is normally associated with unity being the number that refers directly to God in all His perfection.
The Number One is also used when marking the beginnings of things. Unity is also very common, when defining this number, for it stands alone, and cannot be divided.


The Biblical Meaning of Number 2 comes from understanding, that it is generally linked, with the word “separation” for it deals with things that are divided, or things, that bring about division.


The Biblical Meaning of Number 3 deals with the gaining of one’s approval. Or being able to view things from within its entirety. The number also deals with things, that have become solid and complete.

The Biblical Meaning of Number 4 is normally associated, with God’s creative works such as the four seasons. The number four is always used, when referring to God’s creation.
The Biblical Meaning of Number 5 comes from the understanding grace and redemption.
The Biblical Meaning of Number 6 comes from understanding the flesh, the old sin  nature, describing the constant battle between man’s flesh and the Holy Spirit of God.

The Biblical Meaning of Number 7 refers to such things as the completion or the Finished Work that is associated with obtaining some type of spiritual perfection or spiritual completeness.

The Biblical Meaning of Number 8 normally deals with one who abounds in strength.
The # 8 is also used in references that deal with fertility. It has also been used, when referring to The Resurrection, or The New Beginnings.
The Biblical Meaning of Number 9 deals with judgment, or the finality of things. Basically, it’s used when judging man, and all of his works.
The United States Supreme Court, and its nine Supreme Court Justices comes to mind when I think about this number which is also  used to describe the perfection if our Lord.


The Biblical Meaning of the Number 10 is associated with a completeness, or with some type of divine order, or something that’s completed, during a course of time.
Ten Problem Solving Devices:
1. Rebound & Recovery; 1Jo 1:9.
2. The Filling of the Spirit; Eph 5:18.
3. The Faith-Rest Life; Heb 4:1-3.
4. Grace Orientation; Mat 7:12.
5. Doctrinal Orientation; 2Co 5:16.


  1. A personal sense of destiny; Eph 2:8-10.
    7. Personal love for God the Father; 2Co 5:14.
    8. Impersonal unconditional love for all mankind; Eph 4:2.
    9. Contentment and perfect happiness with God; Heb 13:5.
    10. The ultimate PSD – Occupation with Christ; Heb12:1-3.

We say there are 10 but there can be 8 or 12 or even 20, depending on how we divide the Ten devices that we place under each particular point when teaching the doctrine, especially the mystery doctrine of the Church-age.


The Lord has made certain changes that are dogmatic in our life and there is no place for disagreeing.
The only place for disagreeing is to agree to disagree.
In Rom 14, the apostle Paul warns us to accept each other but not for the purpose of trying to change others to our beliefs and our ways.

This means to accept one another our personal beliefs which eventually causes us compromising your beliefs but for the purpose of trying to impress others.


It’s interesting that the New Testament reports that Peter was unlearned in the sense that he was untrained in the Mosaic Law (Acts 4:13), and it is doubtful that he even knew Greek.


What you are about to hear is something that you probably never heard before, and that is the fact that two of our Lord’s apostles, Peter and John, are said to be uneducated and untrained men.


The word “uneducated” is the Greek adjective ‎agrammatos which means that both Peter and John were ignorant men, especially when it came to read the Torah or the Law.


This ignorance can be turned into wisdom, especially when the believer humbles himself and submits to the mighty hand of God.


Ever since the apostle Paul wrote 1Co 1, we were given a fantastic description of those whom the Lord desires worship and honor from.


JOH 4:23 “But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.”


What we know from the verse is that Chloe was a Christian woman living in Corinth and that she was an acquaintance of the apostle Paul.


Because Paul simply refers to her by her first name, Chloe, it is likely she was well known to the believers of that area, possibly a householder.


Paul addresses quarreling within the Corinthian church, and it was “Chloe’s people” who had reported those quarrels to the apostle.


In fact, in the next verses, the source of the quarrel is revealed: the people were divided over whom they should follow for spiritual leadership.


Some were saying “I follow Paul.”


Others were saying “I follow Peter who is also known as Cephas.”


And still others were saying “I follow Apollos.”


The real spiritual deceiver is the arrogant believer who says, I don’t need a pastor, I can teach myself, or I will read the Bible on my own because I am a mature believer who goes directly to Jesus.


You will go directly to Jesus, but that is directly to His justice and righteousness for the purpose of being under His divine discipline.


The arrogant believer who says “I am of Christ” is thinking with the same attitude that Satan had in eternity past before the creation of man when he expressed his satanic point of view with the five I wills;      Isa 14:12-14.


Sadducees — attacked Peter and John for teaching the doctrine of the Resurrection, which the Sadducees rejected and tried to attack Peter and John for teaching it.


If anyone believes what the Sadducees believe which is the fact that there is no Resurrection, then your spiritual life and desire to please the Lord is nothing but a lie and filled with vanity.


If we do not believe that our Lord was raised from the dead,  then WHAT we preach is vanity and meaningless and WHAT we trust in by our faith is also vanity and meaningless.


There is absolutely no way a person becomes a believer who glorifies the Lord when his faith is useless, of no value, pointless purposeless, worthless.

If we do not believe that our Lord was raised from the dead, then as LUK 6:39 says;  “A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit?”


The five thousand does not even include how many women and children were also saved.


Before our Lord came on the scene and elevated or lifted up the women of His day, women were treated like second class citizens and not even counted among the men.


Greek adjective translated untrained — the Greek word ‎idiotes, an ignoramus, or an idiot, ignorant, minus training, bad mannered.


The one disciple who was highly educated and the one that the Lord chose to handle the finances = Judas Iscariot, a highly educated individual unlike the rest of the disciples.

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