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One of the most astonishing principles of Divine motivation in relationships in life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

PHI 4:7In fact, that spiritual peace and prosperity from the source of the God, which surpasses or rises above and beyond all comprehension, shall garrison your hearts [right lobes] also your motivations in Christ Jesus.”

Mind noeema a mental perception in the sense of evil motivations or evil thoughts.

Motivation will be the basis for the judgment seat of Christ and the evaluation of the believer’s life on this earth, 1CO 3:13.

Motivation is what is located inside the individual’s soul impelling or inciting action.

Motivation is mental and/or emotional incentive or impulse.

JAM 4:17Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do, and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

Proper motivation can encourage, influence, convince or persuade an individual to do what is right.

Motivation is the design or object one has in any action; it is one’s intention or purpose.

The believer is either motivated by BD and the filling of the Holy Spirit, or the lust pattern of the OSN and Satan’s cosmic system, which produces good and evil.

JAM 4:3You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your lusts.”

An emphasis from headquarters in heaven stressing the principle of unity and not allowing any discord or divisions come in through people problems.

If you recognize where the attack is truly coming from, you will be able to solve those sensitive problems objectively rather than being subjective.

EPH 5:18-21 = spiritual motivation concerning our relationship with other members of the congregation.

Pre-mid-part – hupotasso (vs 21) = honoring or preferring one another in the congregation, ROM 12:10. Pre-mid-imp – hupotasso (vs 22) = a command for the wife to honor + obey her husband.

EPH 5:22-33 = spiritual motivation on marriage and the marital relationship.

EPH 6:1-4 = spiritual motivation on the family, parents and children.

EPH 6:5-9 = spiritual motivation on the employee an employer relationship.

Relationship with members of the congregation, marriage, family, parents and children, employee and employer.

It’s not just the superiority of weaponry by which wars are won, but it’s also through information and intelligence.

Deceived and blinded by Satan and the kingdom of darkness, REV 12:9, or they are being enlightened and given the appropriate weaponry not to be deceived, 1PE 5:9; EPH 6:10-18.

In this great spiritual invisible battle in which we are waging war, we need that information and intelligence so that we will not be ignorant of Satan and his devices.

When Satan can convince us that the battle is with flesh and blood, he succeeds in destroying the spiritual energy and potency that could blow him away, 1JO 4:4.

Relationships between friends, members of the congregation, husbands and wives, or right man and right woman.

One of the most astonishing principles is the reason for being motivated in all of these areas.

Marriage has always existed since the beginning of the human race and has its precedence from the garden of Eden.

In the Old Testament, Israel is said to be the bride and the Lord is said to be the husband.

The three phases of the trial in the angelic conflict = the trial, the rebuttal, and the summary.

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