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One of the most shocking rejections in human history is found in REV 20.

John 2 -- the passage where our Lord performed His first miracle; JOH 2:1-11 which teaches that the Lord always saves His best for last.

This is the mother of the humanity of Christ, it is not the Mother of God.

Because of this Roman Catholic prayer on Mary, this one is the main one that elevated the mother of Jesus.

Hail Mary, full of grace, ---- That’s doctrinal, and that’s true. Mary was a virtuous woman of God and she was known as being a woman of God who was full of grace.

The next phrase in the Roman Catholic prayer is CALLED “Hail Mary,” “The Lord is with you.”  This is a doctrinal truth.

“Blessed are you among women” -- not above women like most Catholics believe today, but AMONG  women.

“And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

While our Lord was speaking and teaching a multitude upon the evil spirits when   we read that His mother and brothers were standing outside, seeking to speak to Him.

They want to have an intervention with Jesus Christ, their Messiah, the creator of the universe, the possessor of eternal life, the son of Abraham, the son of David, and the Messiah of Israel.

When you hand your case over to the Supreme Court of Heaven, you must be ready and prepared to handle anything that the Supreme Court sees as the judgment that you asked them to make.

They thought that what “He” had to say was not as important as what “They” had to say to Him about the decisions that the Trinity makes.

MAR 3:21  our Lord’s family came to Him to try to give Him some advice like “He is beside Himself and doesn’t even know it.”

MAT 9:34, "He casts out the demons by the ruler of the demons."

MAT 11:19, He is a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax‑gatherers and sinners!'

MAT 26:65, "Then the high priest tore his robes, saying, "He has blasphemed!"

MAT 26:66, "They answered and said," He is deserving of death!"

MAR 3:21, our Lord was accused of being nuts and insane.

MAR 3:22, He was demon possessed by Beelzebul"

MAR 3:30, "He has an unclean spirit."

LUK 15:2, “This man receives sinners and eats with them."

In LUK 23:2, they accused of being unpatriotic, And they began to accuse Him, saying, "We found this man misleading our nation and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar,"

In LUK 23:5, they accused of always stirring up trouble, But they kept on insisting, saying, "He stirs up the people,

In LUK 23:14, they said He causes people to rebel, "This man is one who incites the people to rebellion,

In JOH 7:12, they said He was a cult leader and He leads multitudes astray, "He leads the multitude astray."

JOH 8:48  The Jews answered and said to Him, "Do we not say rightly that You are a Samaritan and have a demon?"

JOH 10:20  And many of them were saying, "He has a demon and is insane. Why do you listen to Him?"

Between His mother and at least 6 siblings, they were not there to listen to Him, but they wanted Him to listen to them.

One-third of the angels, which were in Heaven with God, turned on Him even after all that He did for them; Rev 12:4.

The entire world in the antediluvian world all rejected God even though He had blessed them; Gen 8-10.

This was followed by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob over 2 million believers who all rejected the Lord and Moses.

Then there were 12 spies that were sent to Jericho, 10 out of 12 of them rejected the plan of God.

There were 12 apostles who all but two totally rejected the Lord when He went to the cross.

We could go on and on and on with illustrations of both men and women who rejected the Lord Jesus Christ because He came to His own and His own rejected Him.

GAL 5:22-23, But the fruit [karpos or production] of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self‑control; against such things there is no law.

  1. Our Lord is still speaking.
  2. In verses 43-45, He was speaking about the influence of evil spirits.


  1. His mother and siblings are standing outside, not listening to Him.
  2. His mother and brothers and sisters are seeking for Him to listen to them not vice-versa.

The prayer to the mother Mary has the phrase “And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

What about the womb of Mary when the Roman Catholics pray “And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

MAT 6:23  "But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

She was a sinner who need to be saved from her sins according to what she said in Luk 1:47.

When Mary found out that her cousin Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist in the womb, Mary rejoiced in God her Savior, so she said in Luk 1:47 And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

Mary had a human spirit which means she already had believed in Jehovah Elohim her Lord God.

That was one of the main blessings that caused her to rejoice because she was waiting for the Messiah and she now heard He was about to be born through Mary, the mother of the our Lord’s humanity is her Savior..

ROM 5:12   Therefore, just as through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world, and death [spiritual death] through sin {Adam’s], and so death spread to all men, because all sinned—really when Adam sinned.

Mary was just like all of us, she became a sinner and was classified a sinner because of one man’s sin (Adam).

ROM 5:17   For if by the transgression of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, -- total blasphemous because she was never called God’s mother because God doesn’t have a mother.

“Pray for us sinners now” -- We don’t ask any saints or angels to pray for us because we go directly to the Father, in the name of the Son and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The last phrase -- “pray for us even in the hour of our death.” The issues of death belong to the Lord; Psa 68:19-20.

  1. Creation related miracles were performed by the omnipotence of the divine nature of Christ because He is the creator of all things.

Jesus Christ created the universe and even during the dispensation of the hypostatic union, He continually used His divine power to perform certain miracles like holding the universe together, calming the storm, bringing Lazarus back from the dead.

  1. Messiah related miracles which were performed by the deity of our Lord to give accreditation to the humanity of Jesus Christ as the son of Abraham, the son of David, and the Messiah of Israel.

Jesus Christ in His divine nature is the God of Israel.

In His humanity He is the king of Israel.

An example was the times when he was casting out of demons,  healing of the blind, the lame, etc.

  1. Agent related miracles which were performed through the agency of the Holy Spirit during the hypostatic union, Mat 12:28; Luk 4:14-18.

Agent related miracles were performed by the omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit.

The humanity of Christ would not perform miracles because they had to be performed by God the Holy Spirit so that we could follow in our Lord’s footsteps by relying on the Holy Spirit and not our nature, which would have failed.

No miracles are related to the humanity of Christ in hypostatic union unless it was part of the Father’s plan to reveal the deity of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ refused to solve a problem apart from living the spiritual life.

When you go to outside the divine solutions, like psychological therapy, you have rejected the greatest spiritual life in history.

Why pray for a miracle when you have a day to day spiritual life that is far greater and far more powerful in a moment by moment existence?

  1. Rebound
  2. The Filling of the Spirit
  3. The Faith-rest life
  4. Grace orientation
  5. Doctrinal orientation
  6. Personal sense of destiny


  1. Personal love for God the Father
  2. Impersonal unconditional love for all mankind
  3. Contentment and perfect happiness with God

10.The ultimate occupation with the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the believer there is no solution to the problems of life apart from the ten problem solving devices.

Example – Paul prayed for a miracle three times to have his thorn in the flesh removed and the answer was "No."

For the believer there is no solution to the problems of life through miracles.

Satan tempted Jesus Christ to operate independently of Bible doctrine and to get Him to reject the problem-solving devices and use miracles instead; Mat 4; Luk 4.

The temptation was to do a right thing in a wrong way.

Satan tempted the human nature of Christ to use His divine nature to turn the stones of the desert into bread and to perform a miracle to do so.

This was tempting the humanity of Jesus Christ to use His deity and perform a miracle which no member of the human race could ever follow.

Satan usually underestimates the power of the spiritual life and therefore, our Lord defeated Satan with the power of Bible doctrine,  which was metabolized in His soul as a member of the human race.

The word Jesus, Iesous means Joshua or Savoir and is always used for the humanity of Christ, it is not used for His deity.

"was led up" - aor-pass-ind, anechthe which in the passive voice means that the humanity of Christ received the action of the verb as a part of evidence testing, He was led by the Holy Spirit to give evidence of God’ justice and righteousness.

When a believer reaches spiritual maturity, Satan is permitted by God to cross examine every witness that God enters into the historical phase of the angelic conflict.

Satan is allowed a tremendous amount of leeway because spiritual maturity prepares you to take anything in life.

Satan is actually given a tremendous amount of leeway including even taking away health, prosperity, causing misunderstanding and loss of friends, almost any kind of disaster.

The only one who will put on us more than we can bear, is not even Satan, only our own negative volition will give us more suffering than we can bear as we studied under the law of volitional responsibility.

Prin-Through residence, function, and momentum in the PPOG under the same power system we have that our Lord's humanity had and He advanced through the various stages of spiritual adulthood.

Luk 2:40  And the Child continued to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom [this is momentum from metabolized doctrine inside the PPOG]; and the grace of God was upon Him.

In His advance to spiritual independence or spiritual autonomy, we have Luk 2:52 which says  And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God [that's His personal love for God] and men [His impersonal love for all mankind].

His advance to spiritual maturity is found in passages like JOH 1:14 and others  And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and doctrine.

Because He arrived at spiritual maturity He was qualified for evidence testing which is Satan's cross‑examination of every witness presented by God in the historical trial of all fallen angels.

From Matthew's viewpoint, when our Lord began His public ministry He had already attained spiritual maturity and the baptism of our Lord was the beginning of that public ministry!

All of this indicates that everything has been fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ and he is not ready for suffering for blessing or evidence testing which will glorify God in a unique way in the angelic conflict.

The word tempted is an aor-pass-inf, peirasthenai which means to be tested, to be enticed, to put to the test, and therefore in context it refers to evidence testing.

TLJC is non posse peccare which means that He is not able to sin for deity is neither temptable nor peccable.

As true humanity our Lord is posse non peccare, which means able not to sin as long as He resides inside the PPOG for His life!

non posse peccare = not able to sin.

posse non peccare = able not to sin, as long as He resides inside the PPOG for His life.

The passive voice of this verb tempted means that the humanity of Christ received the action of the verb of being tempted, not the deity of Christ.

"by the Spirit" is the prepositional phrase "hupo tou [plus the ablative of agency] Pneumatos" referring to being led by God the Holy Spirit who is the AGENT or the one who led our Lord to this test.

This is known as an ablative of agency which indicates the personal agent who performs the action expressed by the verb in the passive voice "to be led."

JAM 1:13  "Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am being tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone."

"hupo tou [plus the ablative of agency, the noun] diabolou" translated "by the devil" who is the agent who does the cross-examination in evidence testing.

Diabolou is where we get the English words diabolical, diabolism, or diabolology from means the slanderer, the false accuser, the adversary or the defense attorney.

The word devil and Satan are titles of the angel Lucifer, the Son of the morning which refers to an adversary or a slick lawyer who puts you down and throws a skunk in the jury box with every other sentence.

NUM 22:22, the Lord is called a "Satan" who took his stand in the way of Baalim as an adversary against him.

The word tempter is the pres-act-part, peirazon which is a participle used as a noun and it refers to Satan the one who gives the test.

Evidence testing is defined as Satan's attempt through cross-examination to discredit those believers who reach spiritual maturity.

The tempter opens up with a verbal examination, he said "Ei huios ei tou Theou" which actually says "If you are the Son of God, and you are."

The verb "to be" translated "if you are" is the pres-act-ind of eimi which is "ei" and with the indicative mood it means that Satan recognized that Jesus was the Son of God!

Will TLJC as eternal God who has the power to turn these stones into bread, will He use that power and operate independently of the power of the Holy Spirit in the incarnation.

If Jesus Christ used His deity, His power to satisfy His hunger by turning the stones into bread then He has stepped outside of the PPOG, the power system provided by God the Holy Spirit.

Kenosis = During the dispensation of the hypostatic union, our Lord Jesus Christ voluntarily restricted the independent use of His divine attributes in compliance with the Father's plan for the incarnation.

Christ voluntarily restricted the independent use of His divine attributes, but certain functions of deity continued to function, such as holding the universe together.

During the First Advent, TLJC depended on the provision and power of the Holy Spirit, the power of Bible doctrine, and the power of the problem-solving devices, and gave up any independent exercise of certain divine attributes.

Being full of grace and doctrine (JOH 1:14), the humanity of Christ extrapolated from His own soul problem solving devices.

He concentrated on these problem-solving devices on the forward line of defense in His soul as an instant reaction force to prevent the conversion of the outside pressure of adversity into the inside pressure of stress in the soul.

The problem solving devises used by the humanity of Christ were:  the filling of the Spirit, the faith rest drill, grace orientation, doctrinal orientation, a personal sense of destiny, personal love for God the Father, impersonal love for all mankind, and sharing the happiness of God.

Our Lord did not depend on His deity to execute the Father's plan, He depended on the One who provided the plan.

Jesus Christ as God is infinite, eternal, immutable omnipotence and the Creator of the universe, which Satan recognized.

Under the doctrine of kenosis, He did not use His omnipotence independently of the Father.

He refused to function independently of the Father's plan.

He refused to rely upon His own omnipotence at any time during the incarnation.

The false doctrine of kenosis says He surrendered His omnipotence; but that is not true or doctrinal.

Solve the problem of hunger by a miracle rather than the function of his own humanity and under the doctrinal principle that the Holy Spirit led Him here and God the Father will provide for Him.

If God doesn't remove it, He intends for you to bear it.

Would the humanity of Christ in the third stage of spiritual adulthood, spiritual maturity, pass this evidence test by refusing to use His own power independently of the plan of God?

Spiritual maturity plus passing evidence testing = glorification of God to the maximum in the historic extension of the angelic conflict.

He met the challenge with doctrine.

He didn't use false solutions to suffering, and there are two of them that most believers use......prayer and miracles, both are false solutions.

To pray for strength in time of suffering is absolutely blasphemous since under the PPOG strength is provided in another way and no one would be taking evidence testing unless he already had the strength from spiritual growth.

You do not pray for a miracle or the removal of the Paul did in 2Co 12 with the thorn in his flesh.

It is easy for God to perform a miracle...., only His volition is involved....only the sovereignty of God is involved plus His omnipotence.

It is more difficult for God to give maximum blessing to a believer because in a miracle, only one person’s will is involved, and that is the will of God.

A miracle is a simple thing and doesn't prove anything....what does prove something is when the believer advances to spiritual maturity and can take the evidence test.

PHI 1:29  For to you it has been granted for Christ's sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake,

2TI 2:3  Suffer hardship with {me,} as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

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