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The overflow of blessings to those in situations of slavery.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Circumcision on the eighth day is a reminder that a new race comes instantaneously, and prosperity to that race historically forever comes on the basis of one man who reached ultra supergrace.

TLJC was on a mountain eight times - seven times before the cross, but the eighth time after He rose from the dead, MAT 28:16.

You must have momentum and be carried from time to time by your momentum, and this is where the importance of your daily intake of doctrine comes in.

The exploitation of grace is available to every generation, and even though many of us as believers are Gentiles, we are in for the greatest possible blessings by the exploitation of the grace of God.

One man, with many of his failures recorded for us in the word of God, is an example of what can happen if the believer doesnt quit and goes forward in Gods plan, ROM 15:4, 1CO 10:11.

You can be a slave and still be blessed of God no matter what the conditions.

You dont have to be free to have divine blessing.

Freedom does not mean equality.

A slave can use the freedom in his soul and reach spiritual maturity if there is positive volition in the soul.

There was a possibility for a person who has had real adversity to turn that adversity around into great blessing.

Those who were bought as slaves or given to Abraham, GEN 16:12; GEN 20:14; and those who were born slaves, GEN 14:14; GEN 17:12-13.

1. Two sources of slavery in the ancient world: poverty in peacetime and being captured prisoners in war.

2. A man could sell himself into slavery, LEV 25:39-41.

Every fiftieth year, the Jews celebrated the Year of Jubilee.

In this Year of Jubilee, on the Day of Atonement, all debts were cancelled, slaves were set free, and family lands that had been sold would be returned to their original owners.

3. A father could sell his daughter or son into slavery to pay off the debts, EXO 21:7; NEH 5:5.

4. A widows children could be sold to pay off their fathers debt, 2KI 4:1.

5. A woman could sell herself into slavery, DEU 15:12-17.

6. Slaves were often acquired through trade, purchase, payment of debt, as a gift, through birth, plunder in war, or by self-determination, EXO 21:16.

7. Slaves were manumitted by redemption or purchase, the elapse of time (six years), EXO 21:2-4, the year of Jubilee (the fiftieth year), JER 34:8-10, through physical disability or being maimed, EXO 21:26.

A pastor is to be a slave of TLJC, not a servant but a doulos, a slave.

1. He had the right to hold his slaves as his possessions, LEV 25:45.

2. He had the right to leave slaves as an inheritance to his children, LEV 25:46.

3. He had the right to hold as property the wife and children of all slaves who were unmarried at the time they became slaves, EXO 21:4.

4. He had the right to pursue and recover runaway slaves, 1KI 2:39-41.

5. He had the right to free slaves on the Sabbatical year or the Year of Jubilee, or at any time.

6. He was commanded to circumcise his slaves, GEN 17:12-13, 23, 27.

7. He had the right to sell, trade, or give away slaves, GEN 29:24.

8. He had the right to punish or discipline slaves, but not to kill them, EXO 21:20.

9. He had the right to marry a slave or give slaves in marriage, 1CH 2:35.

10. He had the right to marry a daughter to a slave, 1CH 2:34.

11. He had the right to purchase slaves in foreign markets, LEV 25:44.

13. He had the right to demand service from his slaves, GEN 14:14, 24.

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