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Paul uses a debaters technique.

Friday, July 31, 2009

This is where Paul anticipates the doubts and arguments made by those who do not want to accept the truth or the challenge of Bible doctrine.

1. Reject what is being taught because of living in one of the three arrogant skills: self-justification, self-deception, self-absorption.

2. Like the Bereans in ACT 17:11, who received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, {to see} whether these things were so.

In the ancient world, as a part of Greek-Roman culture, pattern, one of the great facets in oratory, e.g., the art of public speaking, was the ability to debate.

The professional debater would take either side in any argument and seek to win simply by the use of logic.

The unbelieving Jews, the legalists, the Judaisers, these people who despise the message of grace are now antagonistic.

Part of debaters technique is to anticipate reaction during a debate.

“Where is the wise?”
2 “Where is the scribe?”
3. “Where is the debater of this age?

Generally speaking the professional debaters were always opposed to the gospel, always argued against it, and they tried to use logic in order to beat it down.

That’s because the Gospel was introduced as an absolute and dogmatic truth.

All biblical doctrine is dogmatic in nature and does not permit any equivocation or evading, and if there was anything a debater could not stand it was dogmatism.

Under the principle of being dogmatic God is absolute.

That is why we have such phrases in the Word as “Thus saith the Lord.”

Christianity was the first institution of any kind that had existed in the Greek-Roman world which was absolutely, tenaciously, emphatically dogmatic about everything.

Anything that comes from God must be absolute and  totally perfect.

They’ve been hurt in a relationship before, or maybe they were mistreated when they were younger and now they’re carrying around all this un-forgiveness and bitterness in their heart.

It’s a lot easier just to turn and run and use the three arrogant skills: self-justification, self-deception, self-absorption.

As long as we are running and as long as we are evading the real problems in our lives we’re never going to reach our full potential.

The Biblical definition of withdrawal and going AWOL is rejection of metabolized doctrine circulating in the soul.

JOH 6:66,  As a result of this many of His disciples withdrew [went AWOL], and were not walking with him anymore.

1. Going AWOL is an act of reversing or turning in the opposite way, or a state of being so turned.
2. Going AWOL is the act of regressing to a former state, habit, belief, or practice.
3. Going AWOL is a reversal of your priorities, your attitudes, your affections.
4. Going AWOL is the status of the believer who fails to execute the PPOG for the Church-age.
5. Going AWOL is maximum control of the old sin nature over the life of the believer.

6. Going AWOL is lack of spiritual growth, failure to attain the three stages of spiritual adulthood.
7. Going AWOL is the believer’s retrogression because of negative volition toward the mystery doctrine of the Church-age, which both defines and reveals God’s plan, will, and purpose for your life.
8. Going AWOL is characterized by negative volition to doctrine, being influenced by evil, and results in perpetual carnality causing a life of perpetual discipline.

9. Going AWOL is a technical theological term used for rejecting absolute truth, and drawing into your mind or accepting relative truth.

No believer can fulfill the plan of God when he has false motivation.

Every believer has been enlisted in the spiritual army of God as a spiritual soldier of Jesus Christ.

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