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The Peace of God which surpasses all comprehension shall guard your frame of reference.

Wednesday, July 25 2001

“shall guard” = fut/act/ind – [phrouresei] = to be a watcher in advance, to mount guard as a bodyguard, to post spies at gates; to garrison.

phrouresei = to protect by a military guard, either in order to prevent hostile invasion, or to keep the inhabitants of a besieged city from flight.

MAT 13:21yet he has no {firm} root in himself, but is {only} temporary, and when affliction or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he falls away.”

Phroureo = to protect by a military guard, to prevent hostile invasion or keep the inhabitants of a besieged city from flight; to mount guard, to garrison, or to patrol.

gnomic future = a statement of fact or performance which may be anticipated or expected under the status of supergrace as you are going forward into no man’s land.

active voice = eirene, the peace from God, produces the action of the verb; it mounts, guards or garrisons the left lobe, the mind and the right lobe, the heart.

indicative mood = viewing the action of the verb from the standpoint of an absolute and dogmatic reality for the adult spiritual believer.

your hearts = [tas – the] + [kardias – hearts] + humon – of yours] = the hearts of yours; your hearts.

“Kardia” is always used, with the exception of maybe one verse, for the right lobe of the soul which cycles thought.

The heart is used in the Bible for the place of thinking, the location of your vocabulary, and for categories of thought.

1. Frame of Reference = the conceptual structure to which doctrines, principles, and categories of Scripture are related.

It is the entrance or entryway or antechamber of the heart as the first place where metabolized doctrine goes.

Frame of reference -, information can come in and be processed out to the other parts of the soul by means of the intake and output valves of the spiritual heart.

You must learn from the simple things first to understand the complex things.

Knowledge is built upon knowledge; truth is built on truth.

The frame of reference retains previously learned metabolized doctrines and becomes the entrance for new ones.

keep =natsar = to guard in a good sense, to protect, to maintain, to preserve or to be a watchman.

You watch and guard the doctrine in your heart through your continued PV; the metabolized doctrine in your heart watches over your soul.

Write = kathab = to engrave, inscribe, record this on the tablet of your heart, your frame of reference.

The frame of reference is the location or area of retention of epignosis or metabolized doctrine.

The frame of reference is the location of all concepts related to the mystery doctrine of the Church-age, the PPOG, God’s will, plan, and purpose for your life.

The frame of reference is the location of the ten problem-solving devices for the Church-age.

The frame of reference is the seat of the inventory of metabolized doctrine, from which application of doctrine or wisdom is performed.

This hidden peace guards and protects the metabolized doctrine in your frame of reference; the basis for the construction of the edification complex or the soul structure.

The frame of reference constructs an instant reaction force, a red-alert system from metabolized doctrine, so you can tell what is true or false in the communication of the Word.

Right next to the frame of reference is your memory center, another part of the heart that the peace of God will guard.

2. Memory Center = the place for recall of Bible doctrine.

Memory is a vital function of the mentality of the soul because it is related to ones capacity for life, happiness and absorption of Bible doctrine.

The communion table = we recall doctrines pertaining specifically to the uniqueness of Christ and His work on the cross. 1CO 11:24-25do this in remembrance of Me

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