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Robert R. McLaughlin
November 16, 2018

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The Sisters of Mercy.

Confusion about their relationship between God’s grace and confusion and God's judgment.

God is so gracious to us and with us that the Lord overlooks our sins and failures and then says things like: “They simply do not understand.”

 JOH 8:7, “He who is without sin among you, let him {be the} first to throw a stone at her.”

Others emphasize God’s judgment of all sin. These folks are stern and judgmental, like their self-made verses like: “Prepare to meet Thy Maker.”

First group =  God’s love and grace, but loses out on His Justice and righteousness.

Second group = emphasizes His holiness, but loses His grace toward sinners.

Since our view of God affects the way we live and treat others, we need to be careful to reflect the biblical revelation of who and God is and how He deals with our sins and evil.

When Adam and the woman sinned, God did not strike them dead on the spot, as His holiness alone would have required.

He superimposed or interjected the penalty that their rebellion and sin required.

There was both the curse and the covering for their sin.

What Satan meant for Good, God meant for evil.

PRO 10:12, Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

PRO 17:9, He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends.

 PRO 17:17, A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.

God allows us to suffer consequences for our sins and failures but He also provides salvation from the ultimate consequences of reaping what one sows and also grace to empower the believer.

We need to remember that God is gracious and that He Himself paid the price for our sin, our evil, and to deliver us from His ultimate judgment.

As it is said in Gen 3, when both the man and the woman sinned in the garden of Eden, God graciously sought for them, confronted them, and offered them the promise of deliverance through the seed of the woman who would crush the head of the serpent.

The Main Principle: It was a gracious act because Adam and Eve deserved judgment, not a promise of deliverance.

However,  our Lord God took care of one of man's biggest problems  which was the woman and the man rejecting the divine authority that the Lord had set up within the marriage.

First of all, this means that the Lord God does not curse them directly, as He did with the serpent.

Even though God forgives the ultimate penalty of their sin, He still allows some of the consequences of the negative decisions that were made within the marriage.

We all need to understand that the penalties imposed on Adam and the woman affected not just them, but every person in history after them = we call this solution the Unlimited Atonement.

All sin is like that in some way because, now listen to me, we never sin in isolation.

Even though sin and evil are done in secret, it does affect or has affected others as well.

This talk about what goes on behind the closed doors between consenting adults not being anyone else’s business is sheer nonsense.

Sin always affects others in some way, not only in this generation, but also in the generations to come.

Why did God curse these particular things in Gen 3?

I think God cursed the woman’s childbearing process and the ground on behalf of the man because these things represent the chief  role of each sex.

The woman’s main role (biblically) is that of homemaker and mother; while the man is to be the provider.

Now, the curse as applied to the woman (Gen 3:16) involved two main areas: She would experience increased pain in childbearing; and she would be in a new relationship with her husband in which he is said to rule over her.

One reason God may have increased the woman’s pain in childbearing was to give us some lessons of the pain which God would now endure in order to bring forth spiritual children.

His own Son, the second Person of the Trinity, would have to go to the cross and suffer not only the physical pain of the crucifixion, but also the indescribable agony of separation from the Father as our sin-bearer.

It is true that God mercifully tempers the pain with the great joy which children give.

Especially Children who grow up to follow the Lord are a great source of delight to godly parents.

But as any parent knows, you open yourself to great risk of pain when you enter into the God-given miracle of bringing a child into this sinful world.

Because of the fall, you can’t have the joy without the risk of pain.

The curse as applied to the woman not only affected childbearing, but also her relationship with her husband.

First view =  in spite of the woman’s increased pain in childbearing, she would continue to have sexual desire.

Sex was originally designed by the Lord for recreation and not procreation.

 “desire” =  used in Song of Solomon 7:10, refers to the desire of a lover for their beloved.

And now, notice the Hebrew noun used is the noun teshuwqah which means a lover, or a desired one, or one who you long or desire for.

The  promise of the virgin birth, the woman’s pleasure in sex serves as a gracious blessing to offset the preceding curse of pain in childbirth.

The Lord also curses man's work with toil and sweat, and yet even though work is needed to survive, our Lord can turn a curse into a blessing.

Even though in pain God ordains pain in childbirth, He  graciously allows the woman to enjoy the act that leads to conception.

Teshuwqah is used for the  “desire” that many women have which is the desire to dominate.

Prin: The woman who usurped authority from her husband by eating the fruit is cursed with the inclination to dominate him, but he is ordained to rule over her.

The inherent tendency of the fallen nature of each sex: of the woman to dominate her husband; of the man to dominate his wife.

Both militate or fight against that which is or can be beautiful which means “a one flesh” relationship that existed as it did before the fall (Gen 2:24).

Eph 5:22-33 -  we are to recover that intimacy, the wife must submit to her husband, and the husband must tenderly love and lead his wife.

There are many individuals who like Adam sinned not only by eating the forbidden fruit, but by allowing his wife to have dominion over him.

1) Man needs a covering for his sin.

2) Man’s attempts at covering himself are inadequate. Mankind often tries the fig leaves of good works to make himself presentable to God, but God cannot accept that.

3) Only God can provide the covering we need for our sin.

He strips off the fig leaves and clothes Adam and Eve with animal skins. Adam and Eve did nothing; God did it all.

We must let Him provide everything, as He has in fact done in Christ.

4)  The covering God provided required the death of an innocent substitute.

First time Adam and the woman saw death and also they learned that without the shedding of blood, there is no adequate covering for sin.

You are either standing before God clothed in the fig leaves of your own good works, or clothed in the righteousness which God provides in Jesus Christ.

take = Qal imperative of laqach which means to seize with power and enthusiasm, or with interest and strong motivation.

laqach =  to be very aggressive toward that which you desire, whether it is materialism or  a person that you desire to be with.

laqach --  used when God took the man's rib out from the man in a very aggressive way and she is brought back to the man in an aggressive way as well.

Money is a high priority in life for many individuals.

Chokmah = The technical understanding of doctrine or metabolized doctrine.

Pro 8:11  For wisdom  [chokmah refers to metabolized doctrine that is the technical understanding of doctrine or metabolized doctrine] is better than jewels;

Whatever materialistic thing that is pleasing to the eyes, it cannot compare to knowledge of doctrine.

Money, success, prosperity, pleasure, friends, loved ones, social life, sex, status symbols etc.

First 11 verses = we have the principle of communication of Bible doctrine, that's the first paragraph.

Second paragraph, verses 12-21 we have the production of doctrine.

 armah = the ability to regulate and discipline your own life -- It also means to have caution and sensibility.

"find" is the verb matsa which means to present, to deliver, possess.

Knowledge reveals what the Lord wants us to learn whereas discretion gives us discernment as to that which the Lord is doing.

Doctrine possesses knowledge and discretion.

Knowledge- daath - used for technical knowledge or the ability to function properly toward God.

Discretion - mezimmah - purpose, evil devices or we could say, false doctrine.

  1. It will give you a purpose in life, such as a personal sense of destiny.
  2. It will also serve as a red-alert system to protect you from the influence of evil.

Mizimmah also means a plot.

Because EPH 6:12 is a reality, we all need to be protected from the plots of the evil one.

EPH 6:12  Because our struggle is not against blood and flesh [OSN], but against the rulers[archons]  against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness

kosmokratoras = demons who specialize in possessing or influencing the cosmos or world rulers, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places

or against the spiritual forces of evil in the atmosphere around the earth, the stellar universe and in the presence of God.

It could mean moral degeneracy or immoral degeneracy.

Moral degeneracy and immoral degeneracy come from the same Tree, tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

It is not sin that is really the evil part, it is human good or creature credit.

 GAL 1:6 talks about a different gospel.

1TI 4:1 But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,

Prin: The greatest sin among believers and the worst sin in the universe is pride and arrogance.

Pride is the mental attitude. Arrogance is the action.

Perverted mouth = perverted speech.

"perverted mouth - tahpukah - means a perverted mind, which means that you listen to perverted things.

It also means a perverted heart which means that you believe perverted things.

It means a perverted mouth which means that you speak those perverted things which you allowed to go into your soul.

Counsel is simply God's answers to man's problems not from man but from doctrinal principles.

The most important love in your life is to love doctrine which is the means or the vehicle of personal love toward God.

Bible doctrine requires some aggression on your part.

Diligently seek - piel participle of shachar in the piel stem which is the intensive stem means that this is an intensive search for Bible doctrine.

shachar = an intensive search; extreme search; fervent search; a passionate search; a very strong search.

Riches speaks of materialistic success.Honor speaks of fame through achievement.

Enduring wealth and prosperity has to do with your escrow blessings for the eternal state.

The Hebrew verb halak and it is the intensive stem, it is a walk against intensive opposition.

  1. Legalism
    2. Works
    3. Details of life
    4. Hardness of the heart
    5. Passivity
    6. Laziness

endow - nachal - to cause my lovers to inherit, it means to get or take as a possession.

nachal = is a part of a permanent possession and as a result of succession.

Nachal means something that is permanently given to the believer and therefore something that has eternal repercussions.

Treasuries - otsar - a storehouse, an armory.

In the third paragraph in verses 22-36 we have the dynamics of metabolize doctrine.

Established - nasak to be installed.

The most valuable thing is usually the thing that is the oldest, and the oldest thing is in the form of thought and that thought is Bible doctrine.

Doctrine or wisdom is being personified here.

was beside - etsel - joining together, proximity, closeness.

Master workman - amon - an architect, one who is skilled.

The word blessed is ashere and in the plural it means happinesses.

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