Pennsylvania Conference 2007. The Church of Laodicea. Part 2.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Once the believer goes negative toward doctrine, his soul automatically draws in human viewpoint and doctrines of demons.

1) The blackout of the soul begins with negative volition toward doctrine.

2) The believer who is negative toward doctrine lives and operates from darkness in the soul.

Results of the blackout of the soul:
Soul fainting

3) Blackout of the soul leads a person on a wild chase for happiness and slavery to the details of life!

4) All the wild chase for happiness does is to intensify the isolation from Bible doctrine.

5) As the blackout of the soul takes residence, one or two things and in some cases even both take place.

First is neurosis – a breakdown in the nervous system.

Secondly there is psychosis – a breakdown in the thought pattern of the soul.

Psychosis is a mental disorder involving disorganization of personality.

6) Blackout of the soul also produces pseudo love in three categories.

7) Blackout of the soul also leads believers to become self-righteous and judgmental.

8) If a believer does not recover from the blackout of the soul, the sin unto death results.

Satan’s kingdom, the cosmic system is called a kingdom of darkness in EPH 5:11; 6:12, and
COL 1:13.

“Walk in darkness,”
1JO 1:6; JOH 12:35.

Robert McLaughlin Bible Ministries
Pennsylvania Conference
Tuesday PM, June 19, 2007

“Futility” – mataiotes = the key to this problem that comes to all believers who are in the cosmic system.

Mataiotes” = used for the vacuum of the soul.

One of the first forms of backsliding is distraction from doctrine.

Iconoclastic arrogance ties into people distraction.

In the second stage of backsliding, you have reaction which is usually the wild chase for happiness.

For example: Self-righteous arrogance.

Some people try to get their happiness from being very self-righteous, very moral, and even getting into some form of asceticism, some by being very emotional.

This is nothing more than emotional arrogance. This is also found in the arrogance of Christian service.

The wild chase of happiness also leads believers to lasciviousness.
This is the arrogance of criminal arrogance or sexual arrogance.

The third stage of backsliding is the backfire stage.

Then this is followed by the fourth stage of backsliding, the emotional revolt of the soul.

MAT 27:46 – where they say the Lord Jesus Christ spoke in tongues.

Act 9 – Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus was being slain in the Spirit, so they say.

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