Pennsylvania Conference 2007. The Church of Laodicea. Part 3.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness or the scar tissue on their brain or heart or right lobe.

He did not blind their eyes or their spiritual perception by reaching into their volition and turning it off.

His part in causing the blindness has to do with the presentation of truth, not turning of volition.

JOH 15:23 “He who hates Me hates my Father also.”

We also have an area of weakness, but we rationalize by taking our area of strength and comparing it with someone else’s weakness.

The old sin nature is Satan’s inside agent for temptation.

The old sin nature is the source of temptation, but the source of sin is human volition.

The old sin nature wants to control the soul, and so the old sin nature sends up the signals to the soul which we call temptation.

You can say no which is positive volition toward God.

You can say yes, and if you say yes, that’s negative volition, and you allow the temptation to control your soul where it becomes sin.

The sins of cognizance and the sins of ignorance all come from the same source, our volition.

1. Application of doctrine to resist the temptation.

2. Application of doctrine to name and cite your sins and go forward in the pre-designed plan of God.

A second type of testing in prosperity is people testing.

Those people who are to you:
 Personally very attractive.
 They are personable.
 They are attractive.

You react to attractive people when in time of arrogance you become subjective.

You react to two groups of people:
Those whom you love.
Those whom you hate.

The key to passing people testing is humility.

People can only become a distraction to perception of doctrine when the believer places human relationship above Bible doctrine.

Without capacity all of your relationships with people are going to go sour.

Personal love or personal hatred, animosity or attraction can often trap the believer in the cosmic system and destroy his momentum.

Self-pity is a manifestation of arrogance.

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