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The perfect happiness of God is the monopoly of the believer in spiritual adulthood.

Friday, June 8, 2001

Perfect happiness or divine happiness is the monopoly of the believer in spiritual adulthood.

JOH 8:31-32 – Few believers have this perfect happiness because it requires consistent PMA of BD and the advance to spiritual adulthood.

Perfect happiness comes through the communication of doctrine (a process which has to be completed).

Perfect happiness is a perpetual happiness for every category of existence after salvation.

EP and EO means that perfect happiness or God’s happiness carries over into the eternal state in a greater degree for all eternity.

(a) Living as a mature believer.
(b) Dying as a mature believer.
(c) The eternal state.

Perfect happiness or sharing the happiness of God = the happiness of the humanity of Christ during the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union.

Perfect happiness = divine happiness resident in the soul of the Church-age believer who utilizes his portfolio of invisible assets and divine omnipotence to attain spiritual maturity.

(1) The omnipotence of God the Father related to portfolio of invisible assets.

(2) The omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit related to the filling of the Spirit, the perception of Bible doctrine and the execution of the PPOG.

PHI 1:21 For me, living is Christ, likewise dying is profit.

The opposition from Satan and persecution by other believers in the cosmic system only intensifies the believer’s perfect happiness.

Perfect happiness of God is not manifested by laughing and joking, but by contentment, peace, composure, tranquility, and being unmoved by the evil around you.

True happiness is not an absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.

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