**1** Grace Bible Church
Robert R. McLaughlin
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

**2** PHI 4:17 Not because I solicit after the gift itself, but I seek for the grace production of divine good, which accumulates with reference to your doctrine.
**3** Their intake of doctrine produces wealth as a result of being blessed, and their output, blessing by association, is giving.
**4** So each implements the needs of the other, and God uses one category of believer with one category of prosperity to bless the other.
**5** The giving of the believer is a part of his worship function, which commemorates grace.
**6** Paul provides the needs of the Philippians, Bible doctrine.
**7** While the Philippians with doctrine resident in the soul provide the needs of Paul, which is financial support.
**8** Local churches have benefited spiritually from doctrine and are now motivated by that doctrine to give to the destitute Jews in Jerusalem.
**9** As God has prospered them financially, they sought to share their prosperity with those who had been the source of their prosperity.
**10** They responded to the motivation in their own soul, rather than the attitude of the object.
**11** The object of their grace attitude, courtesy, and gift was not important.
**12** The essential was the doctrine in the soul of the one being gracious.
**13** The sharing of spiritual prosperity in doctrine motivates the sharing of material prosperity in money.
**14** This makes giving an honor code function with emphasis on motivation from doctrine in the soul.
**15** Christian giving is a matter of true worship of God.
**16** Because the mature believer has been spiritually blessed from doctrine and materially blessed through imputation to God’s perfect righteousness resident in him, therefore he is motivated from doctrine to give to others.
**17** The principle of giving in the R.F.H.C. is basically related to two spiritual gifts, although there is a place for giving to others who serve as well:
Pastor-teacher and evangelism.
**18** The pastor must make an issue out of two things as a recipient of support from believers:
1. The Gospel.
2. The Christian way of life after salvation.
**19** You cannot teach B.D. and make an issue out of Giving, 2CO 11:7-9.
**20** Even evangelists should not take offerings when they are on the outside preaching the gospel.
**21** The function of the Royal Family Honor Code is to make issues clear that pertain to the economic survival of the local church, but it is not to make deals or beg for money.
**22** As a part of the Royal Family Honor Code the Bible also teaches that the pastor-teacher exchanges spiritual blessing to the congregation for material blessing from the congregation.
**23** PHI 4:10 Now, I have received much inner happiness by means of the Lord greatly, that now at length you have revived your concern or thinking for me; indeed, you also were thinking about me, but you lacked the opportunity to express it.
**24** Giving is also the application of Bible doctrine on the part of the congregation. Giving to one’s right pastor is maximum blessing to the pastor and pleasing to God.
**25** Pres-act-ind - epizeteo - retroactive progressive present = Paul is motivated in the past which continues untainted into the present.
**26** Active voice = Paul’s true motivation is now expressed, not the lie of his critics, that he is trying to use the gospel to get rich.
Indicative mood = declarative representing the verbal action from the standpoint of reality and pure motivation apart from any selfish interest.
**27** Accusative singular definite article - to - toVn + accusative singular direct object - karpon - karpoVn = the grace production of divine good.
**28** Which = conjunction alla
**29** “That may abound” = “which accumulates” literally.
Pres-act-part - pleonazanta = pleonavzonta
**30** Present tense - customary present = what habitually occurs with supergrace believers when they give.
**31** Active voice - the Philippians as supergrace believers produce the action.
**32** The participle is circumstantial = it is inevitable that supergrace believers are going to be prospered financially no matter what the conditions of a nation may be.

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