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Power= Have this attitude in yourselves. Pastor Joe Sugrue.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

1. The baptism of the Spirit.
2. The indwelling of Christ as the Shekinah glory.
3. The Angelic Conflict.
4. The mystery of adoption.
5. The sealing ministry of the Holy Spirit.
6. The pre-designed plan of God.

7. The mystery of predestination.
8. The unique equality factor of the Church-age.
9. The Portfolio of Invisible Assets.
10. The Two Unique Royal Commissions for every Church-age Believer – the royal priesthood and the royal ambassadorship.
11. The indwelling of each person of the Trinity in our body.

12. The availability of omnipotence or the divine power to execute the PPOG.

Humility: to lower oneself in condition.

The Son of God lowered Himself to the condition of humanity. He took on the title Jesus of Nazareth.

Hypostatic union: The Lord Jesus Christ is true humanity and undiminished deity united in one person forever.

Arrogance: To raise oneself above the realm for which one was created.

Jehovah, “the self existent One”
Elohim (pl), “the Strong One who is faithful to all His covenants”

He desired to be Adonai: the sovereign one who has dominion and possession of all. The primary meaning of Adonai is Master.

Arrogance vs. Humility.
Which one would you like to take? Door #1 or #2?

Kenosis = during His incarnation Jesus Christ laid aside the independent use of His deity.

This all began in eternity past with an attitude. Servant hood.

Satan’s attitude: Exhalt myself. Christ’s attitude: humble Myself to the point of a servant. Which will you take? Door #1 or door #2?

His ministry was characterized by servant hood; by others. The manifestation of His servant attitude shined the brightest on the last night of His life on earth.

The first trial was before Annas, the father in law of Caiaphas (Jn 18:12-24). This trial was completely unfair since it was held at night. Christ in His wisdom is really answers this question. “You didn’t bring me here to learn my doctrine, so let’s cut to the chase.”

Humility makes wise. Arrogance makes stupid. Do you want door #1 or door #2?

The second trial was before Caiaphas the high priest (MAT 26:57-68; MAR 14:53-65)

The third trial was held the following morning. (MAT 27:1-2; MAR 15:1; Luk 22: 66-71). This was done to uphold the Mosaic Law.

Why did He endure it? For others. Why should you endure? For the members of the body of Christ.

The fourth trial was held before Pilate (MAT 27:11-14; MAR 15:1-5; LUK 23:1-7; JOH 18:28-38)

LUK 23:34 “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.”
Even now, He was thinking about others.

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