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A Profile of Jacob, the sign in REV 12:1.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

The third sign found in heaven, REV 12:1, which is anti-Semitism and why Satan promotes hatred toward the Jews.

Isaac recognized that the Lord would not have allowed him to give the blessing to Jacob unless it was the Lords will; he recognized that Jacob was the one who should have the blessing.

He could have overruled and changed his mind but doctrine resident in the soul would not allow him to. By means of doctrine resident in the soul Isaac blessed Jacob, HEB 11:20.

His spiritual eyes were now opened to the fact that God had overruled and Esau was not Gods choice.

HEB 11:20 By means of doctrine resident in the soul Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau, even regarding things to come.

“By faith” - instrumental of means - pistei = “through the instrument of doctrine.”

Satan hates when the grace of God is glorified, because it reveals the love and mercy of God and how God is not unfair and unjust, and how He would do everything for those whom He has created.

In the angelic conflict, Satan tries to convince people that God is unfair, unjust, and a God who is not merciful or gracious.

ACT 8:3 But Saul began destroying the church, entering house after house; and dragging off men and women, he would put them in prison.

1TI 1:15 It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.

JOH 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

The man who represents the great sign in heaven - a woman [Israel] clothed with the sun [Jacob, GEN 37:9-10].

1. Jacob was the son of Isaac, and the twin brother of Esau, and Jacob was also an ancestor of Jesus.

Jacob continued to “take hold of” the possessions of others, his brothers birthright, GEN 25:29-34, his fathers blessing, GEN 27:1-29, and his father-in-laws flocks and herds, GEN 30:25-43; 31:1.

Websters dictionary - supplant = to overthrow by force or treachery or deception.

2. Jacob tried to obtain Esaus birthright for just one bowl of beans, GEN 25:31.

Peaceful - adjective “tam” = a pious, gentle or dear man.

The children were loved on the basis of how they pleased their parents or how they possessed the same interests as their parents.

He figured that he would “take advantage” of his brothers weakness and rob the blessing from him.

Jacob was the son of Rebekah and he lived with her for 77 years, so he was told that the Lord had said that He would have the birthright, GEN 25:23.

F.B. Meyer - “He might have been well assured that what the God of Abraham had promised He was able also to perform; and would perform, without the aid of his own miserable schemes. -

But how hard is it for us to quietly wait for God. We are too inclined to outrun Him; to hinder the quiet unfolding of His purposes; and to snatch at promised blessings before they are ripe.”

MIC 3:11 Her leaders pronounce judgment for a bribe, Her priests instruct for a price, And her prophets divine for money.

Tobit 4:11 For giving money delivers from all sin and from death and will not permit the soul to go to darkness.

Kapeeleuoo = to be a retailer, to peddle, to make money by selling anything.

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