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Robert R. McLaughlin
Friday March 27, 2015

Why our Lord gave the Jews divine prophecies and signs and then said things like:

MAT 12:39; "An evil and adulterous generation craves for a sign; and yet no sign shall be given to it but the sign of Jonah the prophet;"?

He didn't say no signs would be given at all, He said "No signs would be given to THIS generation."

The generation of  Jews who were present at the time that He said it to.

The sign of Jonah -  MAT 12:40 For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the sea monster, so shall the Son of
Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

1CO 1:22  For indeed Jews ask for signs, and then He condemned them for doing so?

All of the signs they would ever need had already been given throughout the Old Testament and therefore, the part of the signs or prophecies needed was the fulfillment of them not the giving of more of them.

Although many of the signs have not been fulfilled as of yet, what He was saying is that there will not be any more prophecies or signs given except the sign of Jonah which had to do with His death, burial, and resurrection.

There were prophecies that would be fulfilled before the Church-age began, and they were fulfilled before the Church-age and will be
fulfilled after the Church-age terminates.

Many of those prophecies will not be fulfilled until the future dispensations beyond the Church-age, which is during the Tribulation period and the Millennial, thousand year reign of TLJC.

The only prophecy or sign that the Church-age is waiting to be fulfilled is the Rapture of the Church or what is also known as the exit resurrection of the Church.

Once the Rapture takes place then there will be many other signs and prophecies that will be fulfilled but these are signs and prophecies that were already given in the Old Testament, they were not given by our Lord in the New Testament.

Our Lord did not give an evil and an adulterous generation that seeks after signs more signs than the sign of Jonah, which spoke of His death, burial and resurrection.

He did not say an evil an adulterous generation seeks after the fulfillment of the signs but He said, in reality, an evil an adulterous generation seeks after "the given" of more signs.

It's not the fulfillment of the ones that have already been given that He was condemning, that's a good thing, it was the desire of the Jews wanting more signs and prophecies to be given.

God gave Israel the most mathematically precise prophecy in the entire Bible so that they would know the day their Messiah was to be presented to Israel as their Redeemer, but they ignored it.

The Christian church who has never been given such a mathematically precise timetable as the Jews were given, did believe it and is studying those Old Testament prophecies today proving the superiority of the principle of walking by means of faith and not by sight.

JOH 20:29, Jesus said to him, "Because you have seen Me, you have believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed."

DAN 9:24-27, one of the major prophecies in which the Jewish people were so interested in which was the prophecy of the coming Messiah, though they did not follow through on their interest.

The people and the priests of the entire Old Testament period constantly looked to God, asking Him for a concrete sign by which they would recognize the coming Messiah.

Even though the Jews should have known the exact day in history when Jesus was to be presented as their Messiah, the majority of them missed out totally and completely concerning the details that were presented to them, especially in DAN 9:24-27.
It is true that they came to worship Him but that's because they were polytheist, who believe in many gods that they should worship.

Jesus was just another one for them to worship but not the only one.

JOH 14:6, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me."

MAT 11:27-30, No one knows the Son, except the Father; nor does anyone know the Father, except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him. Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy‑laden, and I will give you rest.

MAT 11:29, "Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My load is light."

JOH 10:9-10, "I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly."

ACT 4:12 "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved."

REV 15:4, He is called the only true Holy One, "Who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify Thy name? For Thou alone art holy; For all the nations will come and worship before Thee, For Thy righteous acts have been revealed."

Either our Lord is a liar and a fraud and the Bible is a book filled with lies or He is truly who He says He is and the Bible, in its original language, is truly the word of God and from God.

We are monotheist which refers to the belief  in one God not  polytheist, the belief in many gods.

Do not get polytheism mixed up with polygamy or a polygamist, which refers to having more than one wife.

We believe in one God who has three distinct personalities, who we call the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Some have used examples such as water, watermelons, eggs, but most of all, light.

Water can be an element, ice and steam, yet they are the same.  The watermelon has a skin, pulp and seeds; but it's the same. The egg is shell, yolk and egg white.

The yolk represents God’s “Person,” His Being, and His Holiness which no man can approach (1TI 6:16).

1TI 6:16 He alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light; whom no man has seen or can see.

The egg white represents God’s Spirit. Because God’s Person is unapproachable, the Spirit illustrated by the “white” of an egg acts as insulation of the shell from the yoke --we know that it is through the HS that God can communicate, speak through and interact with mankind.

The egg shell is the image of the yolk and the white. Our Lord is the visible image of God’s exact person (HEB 1:3).

God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself” (2CO 5:19). This is why Jesus said, “He who has seen Me, has seen the Father” (JOH 14:9).

The white of an egg is the connection between the yolk and the shell.

In the analogy of the egg, our Lord's person is identified by the shell which is joined to the Father by means of the Holy Spirit, because
God’s Spirit is said to be the Father's Spirit well as the Son's.

ROM 8:9 "But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if any man has not the Spirit of Christ, he is not His."

The egg = the Triune God The shell = TLJC The white part of the egg = God the Holy Spirit The Yoke = God the Father

We, that is man in his original state, is said to be made in the image of God, GEN 1:27.

God is made up of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and you and I have a body, soul and human spirit.

Our body is analogous to our Lord Jesus Christ, the overt manifestation of who we are.

Our Human spirit is analogous to God the Holy Spirit, the human spirit acts is that part of us that unites your physical body with your soul, the real you.

The soul which is analogous to God the Father and the real you who are made in the image of God.
In humans, our human spirit is designed to operate with the physical body  to unite us with our soul representing the ministry of God the Father.

The key here is that we must be born again, which is when we receive our human spirit which unites our soul and body.

The human is analogous to TLJC. The Soul is analogous to the Father The human spirit is analogous to the Hold Spirit.

It was the Father’s desire to join His Spirit with all of us as well for He has said - “They shall be My sons and daughters” (2CO 6:18).

In order to accomplish this union with God and man, He allowed His Shell [TLJC] to be broken with the weight of our sins to cleanse us from our entire sin nature.

Through the brokenness of the Shell, TLJC, the Spirit white pours out into our beings through our faith in what was done and believers are joined with the yolk, for it is by One Spirit we have access to God the Father (EPH 2:18).

There was "A GROUP OF MEN" who were watching the prophecy that Daniel spoke who were waiting for it to be fulfilled.
These men were known as the "Three Wise Men" as history records for us, but even history misses out on the details concerning THEM, because they were really known as the Magi and were made up of more than just three.
They are called the "Three Wise Men" because they brought three important gifts which were also related to prophecy because the gifts they brought spoke of the prophetic kingship of our Lord, and also His death and burial.
1. Gold--Daniel said in 9:25 that the coming Messiah was to be a "prince,"  a term that reveals royalty and the perfect gift for a king.
2. Frankincense-- an incense that was used for the "purpose of cleansing and putting perfume upon a corpse.
3. Myrrh--The Jews used Myrrh for embalming bodies for burial preparation.
The Daniel prophecy contained all the information which the Magi needed to know to bring these gifts.
How did the Wise Men know that the star they saw in the Heavens was so special that they traveled hundreds of miles to Jerusalem?
They were followers of a Pagan god called Zoroaster who also promoted astrology and the reading of the stars.
Even though God's people were ignorant of the coming prophecy concerning a king, Satan's students were not.
Even though they do not believe in God or Jehovah Elohim in the sense of trusting Him for salvation, they did, however, respect His word, though not concerning their need for salvation.
Like the demons in JAM 2:19, they believed that God existed but they were also polytheist, they believed in the worship of other gods as well.
Just believing in  the truth doesn't always count, it's knowing and trusting and relying and humbling yourself to the point of applying that really counts and matters.
These men were not even Jews; many believe they were Iranians or Iraqis as followers of King Nebuchadnezzar.
Jesus said, "[these horrible judgments will come upon you] because you did not know or recognize the time of your visitation." (LUK 19:44)
The Lord had every right to expect the people would know precisely when He would appear, because He had revealed the precious secret over 600 years before His birth to the prophet Daniel.
Had the Jews of our Lord's day been aware of this ancient prophecy, they would have recognized instantly that Jesus was THE Jewish Messiah -- just as the Wise Men knew when they embarked to come see TLJC once they had seen the "Star in the East."
The fact that Daniel was a high official of the royal government of Babylon is highly significant in our study, because only high government officials or high religious leaders had access to books.
The Wise Men were Magi, an order of the Pagan Medo-Persian religious god called Zoroaster.
(1) The Magi were ancient interpreters of dreams and were astrologers (monthly prognosticators), enchanters, sorcerers, and magicians.
Whenever any pagan king of that day conquered another nation, he would take their best young men and their best "Wise Men" to his court to advise him.
The Magi had always held Daniel in very high esteem, because he had saved the lives of the Magi in Daniel's day.
It happened when King Nebuchadnezzar had a horrifying dream sent to him from God, a dream he could neither remember the details nor what it meant.
As the King's soldiers were rounding up all the Wise Men to put them to death, Daniel asked for a one-day extension.
That night, after much prayer from Daniel and his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, that God would reveal the dream to Daniel.
God did, and King Nebuchadnezzar spared the lives of Daniel, his three friends, and all the Magi. [Daniel 2:1-19]
They did not become believers in God as the only god of the universe; rather, they believed Him to be the most powerful god of that time period, and certainly very powerful during any age.
They still remained pagan polytheists which again means a belief in more than one God.
They were worshippers of the legendary Zarathustra, whom many Satanists consider to be the forerunner of the real Antichrist, including a lot of those in Iraq and Iran who follow the Sun god even today.

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