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Robert R. McLaughlin
September 6, 2018
Pastor Rick

The phrase “out of the sea” applies to humanity, or a mass of people.
Also applies to the people in and around the Mediterranean sea.

The word is yom and means sea, but it used most often referring to the Mediterranean Sea.

The four winds of Heaven churning up the great sea.
The four winds of Heaven means that there was turmoil in all directions.

If Babylon is this first beast, it may well be that
Babylon was the forerunner to a similar nation rising to power in the end times.
We have already noted that Babylon was noted for its identity with the lion.

This appears to be a reference to the Greek Empire.
And a reference to the speed at which Alexander the great swept through the land.

As we continue in Daniel, remember even Daniel had trouble understanding this vision. In fact even the Angel Gabriel couldn’t make him understand.
So, don’t get frustrated.

Well, It seems most likely that it is Rome. A revived Rome, in some form, a terrifying form. Many believe it will be from the
Papal Roman Empire, the Catholic Church.

The Vatican is a very powerful force throughout the world. According to the Holy RCC: The Pope is without fault, capable of forgiving sin, basically the Pope is considered GOD.

The books are the judgement of the nations. This follows the second coming of Christ.
This passage is undeniably the prophecy of the eternal judgment.
This is the Great White Throne Judgment.

Daniel seeing the millions of millions of those
ministering to and worshipping GOD the Father on HIS throne.
After seeing the four beasts, Daniel gets a glimpse of Heaven. GOD on His throne.

Here is the millennial reign. The anti Christ is destroyed Satan is imprisoned for the 1000 years. So these kingdoms or countries will be around although everything and everyone will be under the authority of the LORD.

In 1TH 4:17, Then we who are alive and remain,
(this is speaking of the rapture) shall be caught up together with them, in the clouds to meet the LORD in the air.

Daniel sees a glimpse of the coronation of the LORD and HIS kingdom. He saw a glimpse of the first Advent and the second Advent.

There was and is a Papal Roman Empire, and there will be a revised Roman Papal Empire in the End times.

As mentioned, it seems that this is the revived Roman Empire, in some form, probably the Papal Roman Empire as we have discussed.

At first this leader the anti-Christ will seem to solve all the worlds problems.
But then, he will turn and he dictate what can be worshipped and he will change the set times, the feasts of the LORD and he change the laws.

This will be the one world government. And it is coming. Who will it be, where will he come from, we don’t know. But he will appear as one who can solve people’s problems, whatever they are.

REV 20:6, Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests
of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.

In the Hebrew aleph bet it is the 16th letter  ayin and has a numerical value of 70.
It has a meaning of an eye, to see, to obey, to see GOD is a spiritual sense. The 70 years, 7 completion, 10 perfect completion of GOD. The 70 years of purging was required by GOD.

This kingdom, this little horn will set up his kingdom against the Messiah.
Many feel that Antiochus was simply an example or a fore runner to the anti-Christ.

This is what the Holy Roman Papal Empire has been doing, and
will continue to do into the future.

If it literal days, if it is it figures to about 6 and a half to seven years. Another view is that it refers to 2,300 morning and evening periods (morning and evening sacrifices) which would be 1250 days. Interesting that 1250 days on the Hebrew calendar would be pretty close to 3 and half years.

The term for dark sentences the Hebrew word key tah means riddles or tricks.
This is the anti-Christ, this is the end times the last days.

Antiochus was a type of the Antichrist a for runner but the Antichrist is going to fully have the power of Satan.

Here is the millennial reign. The anti-Christ is destroyed and Satan is imprisoned for the 1000 years.

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