Grace Bible Church
Deacon Richard Bettez
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The 4 words we need to recognize are…wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

These core doctrines that are directly related to Election will give you strength & spiritual maturity when they become old familiar friends.

JAM 1:5 if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously.

JAM 3:17 Wisdom from above is pure, then peaceable and gentle, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering and without hypocrisy.
1 Co 1:30 But by His doing you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption.

Satan can make you feel special, set apart or above others, make you feel like you have been redeemed on some small scale…but it’s all temporal & emotional.

COL 3:1 Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

Positional Sanctification – you are eternally secure, you cannot lose your salvation.

Experiential Sanctification – your residence within the PPOG. Operating and moving forward, growing and applying His word.

One needs to be condemned in order to be saved. You can’t have salvation if there is nothing to be saved from.

APOLYTROSIS is the Greek word for deliverance and used as a payment for ransom.

EPH 1:7 In Him (JC) we have redemption through His blood…the sacrifice upon the cross.

TLJC is the seed of Abraham, being in Christ makes the Bel a descendant of Abraham as well…we share in the all the same blessings.

MAT 20:28 Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.

PSA 7:8 Vindicate me O Lord according to my righteousness & my integrity that is in me.

PSA 7:8 David recognized that the righteousness & integrity he had was from his relationship with God.

COL 1:9 when we walk in a manner worthy of the Lord it results in fruitfulness, increased knowledge of God, wisdom and understanding.

We see growth that produces steadfastness & patience…meaning commitment and endurance as well.

Rulers & governments can enslave people with taxes and regulations, programs & penalties just as easily as with chains.

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