Guest Speaker: Pastor Joe Sugrue
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christ uses circumcision as a picture of God’s grace, which is what the Sabbath is all about.

John 7:16
Jesus therefore answered them, and said, “My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me.

The advancing believer will have the ability to calmly reach into his storehouse of doctrine and clearly debunk any false doctrine because of the power of the HS controls the soul and not emotions.

The word for “appearance” means external appearance. It means to judge by what you see on the outside without knowing any of the inner facts.

Equitable/righteous judgment demands knowledge of doctrine, which is the absolute criterion, and secondly, knowing all the facts in an individual case.

We are to look at everything in life through the eyes of God.

Legalism always criticises and seeks to destroy grace. The work of Jesus Christ was an act of grace, and act of divine good. Legalism despises divine good and it despises grace.

This is a person who has a little knowledge and has not related it dispensationally or any other way. This is always the problem when you get someone who has a little knowledge plus a lot of pride.

No one is ever going to understand God until He comes the first time. Everything in the Old Testament is a shadow pointing to the reality and it is the cross where people learn about God.

They know Him because He has presented His credit card. He has performed a miracle which constitutes His credit card as Messiah. He made it very clear to them that He is from the Father.

The word “true” here is doctrine. Doctrine is the basis of revealing God the Father.

None of us chose anything concerning our time of birth, our parents, our environment, our OSN, etc., but we do have choices concerning the way we either respond to or react to these circumstances.

The rejection of Christ is the rejection of the Father and the rejection of His perfect plan.



Grace Bible Church
Basic Training in Doctrine

They will practice circumcision on the Sabbath or any other day because the law demands that they do so.

Jesus is going to ask, “What is the difference between an operation which is a religious ritual on the Sabbath and healing a man?”

Circumcision on the eighth day was not only required by the Law, but it was the best day to do so from a medical viewpoint. What is the difference between a healthy circumcision and healing a man who could not walk?

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