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Robert R. McLaughlin
November 30, 2018

The relationship between the Word of God as the Written Word and our Lord Jesus Christ as the Living Word.

The first 11 verses where we have the principle of the communication of Bible doctrine; Pro 8:1-11.

Second Paragraph in Pro 8:12-21 = The production of doctrine or that which wisdom or Chokmah in the Hebrew produces.

As we continue with Pro 8:12 where wisdom is speaking, not the Father, not the Son, not the Jesus but chokmah or wisdom or metabolized doctrine; Pro 8:12.  

Pro 8:12 "I, wisdom , that is doctrine understood technically, dwell with prudence or I have a lifestyle of caution, sensibility, or stability.

Prudence is Hebrew noun ormah which means trickery (in a good sense), discretion; prudence, or the ability to regulate and discipline your own life.

Doctrine presents knowledge and discretion to the believer. Pro 8:12.

The phrase "and knowledge" - is the Hebrew noun daath - which means that you have skill, knowledge, or truth.

It is used for technical knowledge or the ability to function properly toward God.

Doctrine answers the question: After Salvation, What?

Discretion - mezimmah - means a purpose, a plan, even evil devices or we could say, false doctrine.

  1. It will give you a purpose in life, such as a personal sense of destiny.
  2. It will serve as a red-alert system to protect you from the influence of evil.

There is a negative mizimmah which means a plot, a deception, etc.

EPH 6:12 is a reality, we all need to be protected from the plots of the evil one.

We are warned to be on the alert and to always be ready" because PRO 8:13 tells us to respect the Lord in all things and that is why Solomon says to respect the Lord by hating or despising evil.

Evil = moral degeneracy or immoral degeneracy.

The greatest sin among believers and the worst sin in the universe is pride and arrogance.

Pride is the mental attitude or the thinking of the individual. Arrogance turns self-righteous prissy Christians into evil people.

Pride is the mental attitude. Arrogance is the action.

The perverted mouth here is perverted speech. The perverted speech comes from perverted thoughts. The perverted thoughts produce perverted actions.

Trying to be a little smarter and slyer than others is perverted speech.

Perverted mouth - tahpukah - means a perverted mind, which means that you listen to perverted things.

A perverted heart which means that you believe perverted things

It means a perverted mouth which means that you speak those perverted things which you allowed to go into your soul.

Counsel is simply God's answers to man's problems; Isa 55:7-8.

The most important love in your life is to love doctrine which is the means or the vehicle of personal love toward God.

Diligent because it takes effort to search for doctrine.

Doctrine is not going to force itself upon you.

Bible doctrine requires some aggression on your part.

Diligently seek - in the Hebrew we have what is known as the piel participle of shachar in the piel stem which is the intensive stem means that this is an intensive search for Bible doctrine.

The participle denotes that there is a purpose in searching for Bible doctrine which is the ultimate purpose in life, knowing and loving God.

shachar = to be diligent and to go on an intensive search. An extreme search -A fervent search.

Riches speaks of materialistic success.

Honor speaks of fame through achievement.

"enduring wealth and prosperity" has to do with your escrow blessings from the eternal state when your blessing.

The profit of the escrow blessings stagger the imagination.

The word walk is the Hebrew verb halak and it is the intensive stem, it is a walk against intensive opposition.

  1. Legalism
    2. Works
    3. Details of life
  2. Hardness of heart
    5. Passivity
    6. Laziness

endow - nachal =  to cause my lovers to inherit, it means to get or take as a possession.

Doctrine causes your escrow blessings to be released in time little by little.

Something is permanently given to the believer and therefore it is something that has eternal repercussions.

Treasuries - otsar - a storehouse, a bank; armory = a reference to the divine house which the Lord builds through doctrine.

1.The reality of life is bound up in the soul's capacity for life.

2.There is no capacity for life apart from maximum doctrine resident in the soul.

        PHI 2:5  Have this mind in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus,

  1. With maximum doctrine resident in the soul as a basis for capacity for life or what is really life, the mature believer can enjoy the benefits of grace in time and in eternity.

 You'll never forget the benefits of God when you have maximum doctrine in the soul.

PSA 116:12   What shall I render to the Lord For all His benefits toward me?

  1. There is no status symbol or blessing associated with happiness  which can produce happiness apart from capacity for life resident in the soul.

JOH 15:11, "I have taught you these things, in order that My happiness [+H] might be in you, and that your happiness might be completed [fulfilled]."

  1. You will never enjoy what you have without capacity for life through doctrine resident in the soul.
  2. You'll be always looking for something more or something better unless you have capacity in your soul and appreciation of God's grace.
  3. These capacities in the soul are a part of your blessings in time.
  4. The capacity must come before the blessing.
  5. The capacity for love must come before the relationship to love.
  6. The capacity for wealth and success must come before money, profit and wealth.
  7. The capacity for happiness must come before the accoutrements of happiness.
  8. The capacity for life must come before the blessings of life.

Established - nasak to be installed.

Doctrine pre-existed every form of creation.

Doctrine was around before the creation of the angels.

The most valuable thing is usually the thing that is the oldest, and the oldest thing is in the form of thought and that thought is Bible doctrine.

TLJC is the One who created all things, and in this passage wisdom is saying ......when He established the heavens I wisdom was there.

was beside - etsel - joining together, proximity, closeness.

master workman = amon - an architect, one who is skilled.

The word blessed is ashere and in the plural it means happinesses.
First - capacity,
Secondly- possession
Thirdly - inner happiness
Fourth- overt happiness

Instruction - musar - correction and discipline which results from and to education.

The first half of verse 36 talks about residing in cosmic one, the last half of verse 36 talks about residing in cosmic two.

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