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Relationships related to resolution of the angelic conflict. .

Friday, September 7, 2001

When a marriage fulfills the spiritual life corporately, it becomes a corporate witness for the prosecution of Satan, and receives the very highest and best from God, beyond calculation.

Submissive = hupotassoo to be in subjection, to obey, to be under obedience, to submit yourself unto your own husbands.

PRO 19:13The contentions of a wife are a constant dripping.”

PRO 12:4who shames her husband is as rottenness in his bones

Truth relates to the resolution of the angelic conflict.

This Christian husband is disobedient to the word with the result that he is neglecting or rejecting his role as the spiritual leader in the home.

“Being won over to the word of God,” especially as related to the spiritual role of a husband in a Christian marriage.

The Moffatt translation PRO 19:13the nagging of a wife is an endless dripping.”

The Jerusalem Bible – “it is like a dripping gutter.”

The Living Bible – PRO 21:9It is better to live in the corner of an attic than with a crabby woman in a lovely home.”

The Christian husband can be won over by the behavior of the mature spiritual Christian wife.

Chaste hagnen exciting reverence, pure from carnality, clean, innocent, modest, because of the right motivation, the glorification of God.

Respectful phobo reverence, respect for authority, respect for rank, operating in dignity.

A silent testimony “a blameless life before him.” Respect is the highest category of responding love.

The mature spiritual Christian woman must make an issue out of her love and respect for her husband, rather than making an issue out of his flaws, sins, or failures.

A reacting Christian wife cannot solve problems. Evidence of reaction: bitterness, vindictiveness, implacability, hatred, deceit, and resentment.

Freedom without authority is anarchy chaos and confusion of the soul while the soul is under the influence of the old-sin-nature.

The Christian wife’s staying power in marriage is the value that comes from the RFHC and the royal law of love, JAM 2:8, that comes from her personal love for God.

There is little or no blessing between a Christian husband and Christian wife until there is a coalescence of their souls.

Inner beauty is defined in terms of the spiritual life of the mature spiritual Christian wife.

Gentle praus humble, soothing, patient, calm with those who are irritated; composure that avoids bitterness and anger.

adorn = imp/act/ind kosmeo = to decorate, to adorn, to make beautiful, to make attractive.

Children tekna students or women who have learned from a doctrinal woman.

When she could not respect him in person she respected him in principle.

HEB 11:11 – she also judged God faithful who had promised, and now she is a witness forever written in the word of God which abides forever, 1PE 1:25.

She had confidence in God, and respect for her husband.

You don’t end up in the winner’s status by having confidence in any man, JER 17:5.

There are days when he cannot love her in person, so he’s got to love her in principle.

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