Repetition Never Bothers The Believer Who Has Positive Volition Toward Bible Doctrine!


  1. Guidance through prayer, in Acts 11:5.


  1. Guidance through objective thinking of Bible doctrine, verse 6.


  1. Guidance through perception and recall of doctrine, verses 7‑10.


  1. Guidance through providential circumstances, e.g. the people we meet, verse 11.


  1. Guidance through the filling of the Holy Spirit and humility, verse 12.


  1. Guidance through fellowship and comparison of spiritual data, verses 13‑14.


  1. Guidance through recalling of doctrine, verse 16.


  1. Guidance through disaster.


The sword of the Spirit in the life our Lord emphasizing how gnosis is converted into epignosis.


The M and M's, or the messages of the Months of 2014.



R and R = Repetition and Remembrance.


"will bring to your remembrance" is a fut-act-ind, hupomnesei which is a compound verb which means to remember, to remind, to suggest, to mention.


Menesko means to remember,

Hupo means under the authority of someone.


Parakletos means primarily a helper, a counselor, someone who can instill wisdom into your soul.


"will teach" is a fut-act-ind, the verb is didaxei meaning to teach, to train, to educate, to impart information.


The Holy Spirit teaches the mystery doctrine to the believers of the Church-age, Joh 16:12-15, 1Co 2:9-14, 1Jo 2:27.


"will bring to your remembrance" is a fut-act-ind, hupomnesei which is a compound verb which means to remember, to remind, to suggest, to mention.


PHI 3:1  Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is a safeguard for you.


It is the Greek word "asphales" which means that which produces security and firmness.




A pastor who truly loves TLJC will go against the grain and will repeat, repeat, and repeat!


Inculcation means to press upon the mind through frequent repetition.


(1) Repetition of doctrine is important for application of doctrine.


(2) Repetition of doctrine is important for appreciation of who and what TLJC is.


(3) Repetition of doctrine is the only way of teaching an entire congregation of believers who are at different levels of spiritual growth.


(4) Repetition of doctrine is necessary for converting gnosis into epignosis.


Prin-All believers in a congregation must be constantly reminded of doctrinal principles even though they have heard them before.


Inculcation is defined by teaching by frequent repetition and admonition.



You do not apply what you only apply what you cannot forget...and that's why repetition is so important.


Repetition may drive people away but repetition is the means of tapping into the greatest resources that have ever existed for mankind.




Repetition never bothers the believer who has PVTD.


"I said" is an aor-act-ind, eipon which refers to what the Lord taught them for the last three years.



Nothing is more important in our lives than Bible doctrine,  since Bible doctrine reveals the invisible assets and how to glorify God and receive our fantastic inheritance from God.



2 = represents the two natures of Christ


0 = represents the number of totality and eternity - it has no beginning and no end


1 = represents the concept of unity


5 = represents the number of grace

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