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Resurrection power is designed for use in undeserved suffering. Pastor John Farley.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The twelfth unique factor of Church-age mystery doctrine = the availability of the omnipotence of divine power to execute the PPOG.

We have seen where we need this divine power because Satan, the ruler of this world, has maximum power of his own that he is using to implement his evil policy of moral (cosmic 2) and immoral (cosmic 1) degeneracy.

We have two power options, namely the filling of the Spirit and metabolized Bible doctrine circulating in the soul.

We have seen this vital relationship between the power used in the resurrection of Christ and the power available to the Church-age believer today.

We experience this divine power or the application of the omnipotence of God in our life when we go through the adversities and afflictions associated with our life and service. Therefore, when we are suffering for the cause of Christ, we have a unique privilege.

“And the fellowship of His sufferings” = conjunction kai + definite article ten + accusative singular direct object noun koinoian – fellowship, association, participation = “participation in His sufferings.”

The highest honor God could give to any believer in time = “participation in His sufferings”- article ton + descriptive genitive plural noun pathematon = this is the mantle, undeserved suffering. Plural = a continuation of the suffering + personal pronoun autou.

It is necessary that we understand that God has provided in eternity past everything we will ever need for the subject of suffering.

If you live your life in the light of eternity then your relationship with God will be your number one priority in your life.

When you live your life in the light of eternity, including participation in His sufferings, you realize they cannot compare with the eternal weight of glory which is far beyond all comparison, 2CO 4:17.

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