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Robert R. McLaughlin
Friday, July 27, 2007

1. The word "logistical" simply means "to support."

Logistical grace = divine provision for the believer between salvation and spiritual maturity.

It includes everything that is necessary to keep you alive -

2. There are many categories of logistical grace such as life support which includes the fact that God sustains life on earth.

God gives us life and security - God provides the assignment of guardian angels.

He provides laws of establishment to maintain freedom.

Also the provision of a pastor-teacher in the local church, etc.

Temporal provision includes food, shelter, clothing, transportation, air, and time.

He also provides spiritual provision which is the provision of doctrinal teaching.

Often what believers consider blessing is simply God’s logistical support because technically there is no blessing from the justice of God until we have attained spiritual maturity.

In reality we are being sustained.

3. The logistical grace provision for learning doctrine.

1) There is a text book which is the formation and the preservation of the Canon of scripture.

1. People are lazy.
2. Pastors are lazy.

Arrogance is the destroyer of discernment, and if someone appeals to your pride or knows how to compliment, etc, then the result is subtle deception and no doctrine.

The only way a pastor-teacher builds up his congregation is by leveling with them and teaching them doctrine.

There must be a principle of separation from those who are not positive toward doctrine.

2) The local church - a classroom which isolates you for a short period of time from the mob or crowd, the details of life.

The classroom -
indicates there must be discipline.
No distractions.
No talking, etc.

3) The provision of your right pastor-teacher.

4) The royal priesthood of the believer.

5) The ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

God has a purpose for your life and therefore in the unseen conflict, the protection from demonism is all a part of logistical grace.

The Filling of the Spirit
The Indwelling of the Spirit
The Sealing of the Spirit
The Baptism of the Spirit
The Gifts of the Spirit

This includes the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit and the discernment which comes from doctrine itself!

Privacy as far as the spiritual life is concerned is based on the principle that no one is perfect!

MAT 7:1 "Do not judge so that you will not be judged."

An important part of God’s grace-support system [logistical grace] = the job of the pastor is to make sure that everyone has their very own privacy.

Friendship is a matter of mutual desire on the part of both souls involved, and friendship means intrusion on your privacy.

God’s plan therefore is for each believer to live his life unto the Lord! He has provided privacy and the believer-priesthood to do so!

Because of logistical grace you can:
1) Recover
2) Take in doctrine objectively
3) Give (without anyone knowing how much)

Even in marriage there should be a certain amount of privacy.

All of the ministries of the Spirit create an aristocracy in Christianity.

In Christianity you can either live as a peasant or as an aristocrat depending on your attitude toward doctrine.

When people reject the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit, they have:
1) rejected doctrine and therefore are under discipline.
2) rejected doctrine and are not living the Christian life.
3) rejected doctrine and therefore are under demon influence.

The Baptism of the Spirit provides royalty for all of us! But royalty has standards.

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the Royal presence for the Church-age believer.

The Sealing of the Spirit provides the only security you will ever need in this life.

The Filling of the Spirit is the means whereby you execute the Christian way of life; whether it’s learning doctrine or producing divine good.

4. There is also logistical support from the laws of divine establishment.

The laws of divine establishment not only protect the freedom of a nation, but they also guarantee the freedom and the privacy of a local church in that free nation.

As long as a citizen refrains from disobeying the law, he has a right to his privacy, property, and his freedom.

Evangelism and Bible teaching are a legitimate function of a free society.

It is the responsibility of the local government and the police officer to protect that right whether it is a good church or a bad church.

These same "laws of establishment" also provide a separation of church and state.

5. Logistical grace is the basis for stability in life.

"Stand" - histemi = to stand, to be established, to be stabilized.

6. Rejection of logistical grace means degeneration.

7. Logistical grace includes the preservation of human life in time.

For the believer, God protects him from the opposition of Satan and the influence of evil.

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