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Righteousness persued. Report for duty. Tom Cotroneo.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"to place at the service of, to present, to put at one’s disposal."
to bring into one’s presence; to offer to yield, to dedicate.

Do it now, do it once and for all, do it completely, do it consistently.

If we surrender our lives to Christ, anything which we give to Him we shall get back, perhaps not in the form in which we surrendered it, but in a return so perfect that we shall be totally content.

Positional victory in Christ is the basis for experiential victory in our Christian life.

Our Lord’s victory at Calvary and our position in Him provides the opportunity for the function of positive volition as it relates to positional truth.

Principle – we should not say, ‘be all you can be’. Instead we should say, ‘be all that you are’.


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