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Robert R. McLaughlin
June 28, 2017

Point 5.  The Royal Family Honor Code as it is directly related to the Supreme Court of Heaven.


The pres-act-imp of the Greek verb eulogeo which is eulogeite meaning to speak well of, or to honor.


Persecute is the pres-act-part of dioko, which in the present tense, they habitually pursue after you, they persecute you, and the participle tells us that their purpose is to make you miserable and to persecute you.


If you react to unfair treatment with bitterness, resentment, hatred, antagonism, any form of arrogance or emotion, then Jesus Christ cannot act on your behalf as the supreme court judge and He must act against you.


Prin: Do not make someone else's problem of treating you unfair your problem by getting out of fellowship and reacting.


Second Prin: Through the arrogance or emotional complex of sins, you have ruined your own case before the Lord.


In verse 20, "If your enemy is hungry, feed him, if he is thirsty, give him water." This refers to a desperate need that an individual has and the believer who operates in the royal family honor code fulfills that need when possible.


When it says that you will pile coals on his head, that can either refer to an ancient custom of giving coals to keep a fire going, or the mental pain and shame that takes place from being treated with integrity by another.

The absolute good includes the function of grace in the royal family honor code and putting on the breastplate of righteousness.


Third Prin: By feeding your enemy when he is hungry, the believer leaves hostility from others in the hands of the Lord.


Fourth prin: This is tantamount to dependence on the integrity of God rather than on revenge and retaliation.


Fifth prin: This is also the function of impersonal love. The royal family honor code never mandates the believer to stoop to the level of vindication, implacability, hatred, arrogance, or bitterness toward other believers.


Sixth Prin: The benefits of grace demand the function of grace.


And in verse 21, revenge or retaliation is being overcome or conquered by evil.


Overcoming or conquering evil by means of the good (Rom 12:21) is the motivation of grace orientation and the procedure and policy of grace function in the royal family honor code.


  1. Grace orientation. [PSD#4]
    B. Impersonal love for all mankind.   [PSD#5]
    C. Occupation with the person of Christ, [PSD #10].

Any reference to falsification, misrepresentation, fabrication, perjury, duplicity, fraud, perversion or distortion of the truth is a violation of the royal family honor code and must be given over to the supreme court of heaven.


It is the Greek word pronoeo which means to perceive beforehand, to think beforehand, and therefore an excellent description of learning the royal family honor code.


In time of pressure, we all need to learn to operate in principle rather than in feelings or emotions.


"What is right" is the Greek word kalos = good, agathos referring to intrinsic goodness, and kalos referring to exterior goodness.


The inward goodness would be agathos, thinking the royal family honor code. Kalos would be the outward expression of that honor code or the personal application of living in the honor code in a situation like this.


For the believer "what is right" in the sight of all men is treating them under the Royal Family Honor Code.


Berkeley Translation -  Determine on the "noblest ways" in dealing with all people. Acting in a noble way is the royal family honor code.


The word enemy is echthros which refers to anyone who is hostile toward you or hates you.


  1. An ancient oriental custom of giving coals to keep a fire going.
    One person would give live coals to another so that he could carry a container on his head filled with the coals and go home and keep the fire going on a cold night.

  2. "Piling coals upon their head can also refer to the mental pain and shame that takes place from being treated with integrity by another.

The absolute good includes the function of grace in the royal family honor code.


Heb 10:30 for we know Him who said, "vengeance is Mine, I will repay." And again, "the Lord will judge His people."


  1. Nothing you can say in your own defense when dealing with implacable and vindictive persons will ever do any good.
  2. You cannot defend or justify yourself to implacable or irrational persons.
  3. Therefore the matter must be placed in the Lord's hands for the proper function of the faith rest drill.
  4. Once placed before the supreme court of heaven through the F.R.D., The outcome must be left in the Lord's hands.
  5. Remember that the function of the F.R.D. Is designed to place the problem in the Lord's hands for a solution and vindication, and to leave it there.

Psa 58:10 the righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance


Psa 58:11  And men will say, "surely there is a reward for the righteous; surely there is a God who judges on earth!"


Point 6, How you should function as a "plaintiff" in the supreme court of heaven operating in the faith rest drill.


The plaintiff is the one who begins the personal action of taking something to the supreme court of heaven to obtain a judicial decision.

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