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The Angelic Conflict – Part 22 Outline

The Angelic Conflict – Part 22 –

If the armies are divided equally among the four demon generals, each one has 50,000,000 demons assigned to him.

Fire = puros = red hyacinth = blue brimstone = yellow

A lion runs the 100 yard dash in under five seconds = mobility. A lion has tremendous power in his jaws = fire power. When a lion hits you = shock.

“plagues” = plege = a killer. This fire and smoke and sulfur are all killer agents.

There’s more than one third killed during the Tribulation because one fourth has already been killed, REV 6:8.

Satan does not regard the laws of divine establishment, and this demon assault army group will completely ignore those principles.

This is Satan assassinating his own prisoners! 

ZEC 2:5 “For I, declares the Lord, will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.”

fire = napalm smoke = chemical warfare 

sulfur = conventional gun powder weapons 

tails = fire power in the rear!

Napalm, painful chemicals, gun shot wounds, neurotoxic or hemotoxin venom all produce painful and horrible deaths.

Many unbelievers are demon possessed, but not protected from the demon army (there are some exceptions).

Many believers and unbelievers are under demon influence in the cosmic system but not given any protection against Satan.

In demon possession, demons as disembodied spirits penetrate the bodies of unbelievers in the cosmic system.

In demon influence demons penetrate the soul, the thinking, and the personality of believers and unbelievers!

In Christianity, God seeks man through the work of Jesus Christ. In religion, man seeks God through his own works!

Religion is still Satan’s greatest attack – Rev 17-18!

Many of those who were spared were hard core demon possessed people whose lifestyle included idolatry, religion and the phallic cult!

Repent = metanoeo = to change their minds. The inconsistency of Satan, and the power of God, did not even phase these demon possessed types.

They now have locked-in negative volition and a locked-in negative attitude toward any divine appeal – either through grace and doctrine or maximum divine discipline.

Demon possessed unbelievers who survive the attack of the second demon assault army group worship demons because they refuse to be delivered through faith in Christ.

Getting into the cosmic system and staying there always inevitably means relationship with demons.

These individuals have now experienced two attacks from demon armies. They survived and yet refuse to believe on TLJC; they continue to worship demons.

They would have received instant deliverance from one act of faith in Jesus Christ! If a believer is living in the cosmic system, rebound is the only way to recover from demon influence.

Tribulation = man’s negative volition under demonism plus the extreme pressure of divine judgment.

Millennium = man’s negative volition under perfect environment and prosperity from God.

Man doesn’t change his mind – under demon pressure. – when God adds judgment to that demon pressure. – in the perfect environment of the Millennium and prosperity from God.

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