Grace Bible Church
Deacon/Rick Bettez
Friday, July 26, 2013

 Anthistemi (aor,act,imp) ‘But oppose’ or stand and oppose. The active voice is saying every Bel does it with BD in the soul because they are subordinate to God. JAM 4:7

What needs to happen to Bel’s after they enter the salvation gate is to draw closer to God, before the cosmic bombs penetrate their soul structure. JAM 4:7-8

Even the strong, mature Bel needs to remain in a subordinate position in his or her relationship with God.

JAM 4:8 Cleanse & purify you sinners & double minded (Bels) speaking on rebound & recovery. No one can live with one foot in the world & the other in PPOG.

MAT 6:24 No one can serve two masters, either you are devoted to one or the other.

We reflect that which we truly believe in our actions and reactions to life’s challenges.

We show respect not with simple words but a consistent practice of deeds and loyalty.

1Pet 5:9 But resist him, firm (Stereos) in your faith… meaning a solid FLOT line in the ancient military.

JER 17:5 Thus says the Lord, cursed is the man who trusts in mankind & makes flesh his strength & whose heart turns away from God.

Accuse the brethren, plead his case against us in heaven. JOB 1:6-11, ZEC 3:1-2 & 1JOH 2:1-2

Encourage Bel’s to accept false doctrine & ignore the truth. 1Tim 4:1, 1Cor 10:19-21, 2Cor 11:3-15.

Frustrate the PPOG for your life. JAM 4:7-8, 1Thes 2:18, EPH 4:14.

Promote MA sins like worry & anxiety. 1Pet 5:7-9.

Remove Bel’s focus off relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ & get eyes on other things. GEN 3:5, 1King 19:10, JER 17:5, HEB 13:5.

Involve Bel’s with cosmic solutions. COL 2:8, EPH 5:6.

Promote the fear of death in Bel’s life. HEB 2:14-15.

2CO 11:13 For such men are false apostles (Pseudapostolos), deceitful workers, disguising (Metaschematio) themselves as apostles of Christ.

2CO 11:13 These men who are among you are false apostles, who have transformed themselves to appear as ambassadors for Christ.

Counterfeit gods & power will come to fruition. 2TH 2:2-10

Cosmic counterfeit communion table in 1CO 10:21 is the influence of demons, media, educational & psychological cosmic system.

Cosmic one is living in cosmic ignorance, self absorbed with details of life. That is exactly how most Unbel’s & unfortunately a large portion of Bel’s live.

Cosmic Two self righteous arrogance, it is doctrines of demons & false teaching we see in 1Tim 4.

1TI 4:1 God the HS clearly stated that Bel’s will continue to fall away from the truth, paying attention to seducing spirits (Satanic influence) & teaching from demons.

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