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Robert R.
September 27, 2019

  1. The Last Adam and the New Creation;
    2. The Head and the Body;
    3. The Shepherd and the Sheep;
    4.  The Vine and the branches.
  2. The Cornerstone and the building
    6.  The High Priest and the Royal Priesthood;
    7. The Groom and the Bride analogy (Christian marriage);
    8.  The King of kings and the Royal Family of God;

Satan’s Goal =  to lead all believers astray from the Lord and that is why any area that we do not have sound doctrine in, is an area open to satanic deception; Eph 4:27.


We are also told to beware or to be on guard in our daily  relationships with others because Satan’s goal is to break down any unity that exists among God’s people.


“Reject the temptations of your old sin nature and your former way of life because it keeps on being corrupted by lust and deception.”


Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes by “Putting  on your New Nature, which has been created to be like God” which refers to His love, righteousness and justice — righteous and holy.


This refers to a life renewed from the inside and working itself into our conduct overtly as God accurately reproduces His character in us.


The apostle Paul now brings in the reasons why we must learn to rebound and recover because we will need to do just that in the normal relationships and problems in life.


Along with intimacy there is also jealousy that drives Satan and his kingdom of darkness to do whatever evil we allow them to do, not by permission but omission.


Omission = is what can give the devil the opportunity to set a room, or rooms, in our soul with negative volition toward our Lord Jesus Christ and usually ends up in one of the ditches of the cosmic system.


Omission means to neglect not reject. It is failure to do something, especially something for someone that we all have an obligation to do.


Omission is also described as negligence,  dereliction, forgetfulness,  or even a total disregard for something or someone who is special and is not classified as a lukewarm believer; Rev 3:15-16.


REV 3:15  'I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot.


REV 3:16   'So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.


The sin of omission is really explained by James, our Lord’s half-brother; JAM 4:17  Therefore, to one who knows {the} right thing to do, and does not do it, to him it is sin.


They just think that it’s not that important that they accept it so they neglect whatever it is that they are responsible for …which sometimes is worse than rejection as spiritual cowards; Mat 6:22-23.


Omission also is defined by a failure to do something, especially something that one has a moral or legal obligation to do.


They disregard the 613 commands of God in the Bible.


The Jewish people often speak of the 613 commands found in the Torah, yet in the remainder of the Old Testament there are hundreds of other commands, (Dan 9:10).


This is also one of the reasons why all of us should know the importance of the Divine Institutions especially for believers who know the mystery doctrine of the Church-age.


  1. The Gospel will always be under attack and therefore we cannot afford to omit and facet at all concerning salvation as mentioned in the Bible; Eph 2:8-9.
  2. After our salvation we need the answer to that very important question: “After salvation, what? Therefore, the apostle Paul tells us what we should be doing after salvation: Eph 2:10.
  3. Paul continues to writs that very popular verse, especially for those who are under the doctrine of mystery and how they will be taught that doctrine; Eph 4:11.
  4. Attack rebound and recovery; Eph 4:22-24.

God the Holy Spirit knew that Satan would attack rebound and recovery and make an issue out of sin rather than the Son, 2Co 7:10.


These commands are from our Lord and they are designed to protect us from deception especially when Satan uses members of our own family or members of our Royal family to try and deceive us.


Do not let him in or win,” because if you do, it may be too much for you to handle unless you have the protection of the wall of fire because you are living in the PPOG.


  1. This satanic trap is energized and mobilized with deception and lies and therefore, the divine solution is the only solution as the apostle Paul says in Eph 4:25, to “lay aside the lies and speak truth with one another.”

 I am NOT talking about a person who lies, I am talking about a person, even a believer, WHO IS A LIAR and therefore, under the principle of protection from the kingdom of darkness; Eph 4:25.


  1. Paul says, “It’s alright to be angry at times if it’s identification with Divine Indignation; Eph 4:26-27.
  2. Another problem that Satan will try to use to his advantage is against the believers who have PVTD is that Satan also tempts believers to steal from one another; both in the natural realm and the spiritual realm; Eph 4:28.
  3. The problem with the sins of the tongue which is a very powerful weapon for Satan because these types of sins are designed to mislead and deceive others; Eph 4:29.
  4. Our fellowship with the Spirit is also under attack by Satan when the problem is that we have broken fellowship with God the Holy Spirit; Eph 4:30.
  5. The problem with mental attitude sins (MAS) that causes fellowship with God to be broken is also promoted by the kingdom of darkness under Satan’s control; EPH 4:31.
  6. The problem with an unforgiving judgmental individual who is plagued by failure and who is envious of those who the Lord promotes; EPH 4:32.
  7. We also have our share of spiritual problems and so our Lord commands us to use the divine solution which is mentioned EPH 5:1-2.
  8. Attack believers by instilling fears and worries and doubts concerning God’s will for their life; Eph 5:15-17.
  9. The power needed to execute the spiritual life and to glorify our Lord, which is the filling of the Spirit; Eph 5:18, a command to be filled with the Spirit.
  10. Another area that Satan and his kingdom of darkness uses is marriage, which is one of the final areas of satanic victory because it is an easy area to attack; Eph 5:22-25.

The Divine Solution to marriage is given in EPH 5:22   Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord.


EPH 5:25  Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her;


The ultimate manifestation of what marriage was designed for as Paul says EPH 5:32  This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church.


  1. Then we must be prepared to handle any satanic attacks upon family, EPH 6:1-4.
  2. The satanic deception that is related to our job and it is also another area where Satan can cause divisions and dissensions between the employer and employee; EPH 6:5-9.

Those first 17 principles were all a part of our training ground as disciples and Christian soldiers, so that  we will be prepared to handle the ultimate attack = “Spiritual Warfare” and the Angelic Conflict; Eph 6:10-20.


Satanic Deception which is to break down the unity that exists in the positive realm and it  is also the demonization of the soul and personality of the believers or unbelievers who are living in the cosmic system.


There are degrees of deception so don’t try and play God,  He will always be righteous and just in His evaluation of both believers and unbelievers; Gal 6:7; ROM 12:19.


ROM 12:19  Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," says the Lord.


There are also Degrees of Deception which is taught in passages like MAT 11:21-24


MAT 11:22  "it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the day of judgment than for you [Pharisees].


Deception is thought transference of demon doctrine to the believer or unbeliever in the cosmic system.


By thought transference I do not mean that you are thinking like members of the occult, but I am referring to human viewpoint or cosmic thinking.


Deception is the invasion of the soul, especially the mind, emotion, and self‑consciousness of the soul.


The result is the "invasion" of the human personality of the believer or unbeliever who lives in the cosmic system and grows weirder and weirder as time goes by, Deu 28:34.


He also warned them what would happen if they do not obey or if they did not respect and esteem His Word; Psa 56:4,10, Psa 138:2.


God the Holy Spirit inspired Moses to  use a very powerful word in the Hebrew language to describe what will ultimately happen to God’s people if they reject and ignore His ways = shiggaon.


Shiggaon or shargar means to go nuts, or crazy, to be unstable, to be bipolar, in the natural realm as well as the spiritual realm, it means to be depressed and to a life filled with habitual lies.


 “shargar” or “shiggaon” = to drive a person mad or crazy, to experience severe changes in mood, activity, energy, and ability and ending up with the blame game to make excuses for being a complete loser and failure.


The shiggaon believer ends up attacking others because they are jealous and vindictive and because they have no spiritual self-esteem at all, and because of that, they are also liars, phonies, and hypocrites.


The shiggaon believer lives in Denial which is a defense mechanism in which a person fails to acknowledge some aspect of external reality that is obvious and apparent to others.


The Shiggaon Projection is a defense mechanism by which a person takes their own flaws, sins and failures and assigns or projects them to others.


There is also what psychology calls “Direct Attack” which is a defense mechanism in which anger is used as a solution to the problems and frustrations of life.


Psychosomatics = how and what we think can produce physical reactions that are caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.


Deception is not only expressed in terms of evil but, it also expressed in terms of improving this world, doing nice things for your fellow man, and supporting crusades.


That is what we use to call in Bible college “A Landmark Message.”


Deception is the invasion of the soul with thought that is false thinking, i.e., the policy and principles by which Satan operated prior to the creation of man and afterwards as the ruler of this world.


Under diving timing, they will be able to bear and accept whatever it is that the Lord desires for us them to bear and to accept.


Eph 4:14,  We are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves, and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming;


2Pe 3:17,  You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard lest, being carried away by the deception of unprincipled men [men with no principles], you fall from your own steadfastness,


Only the truth can keep false thinking and false doctrine out of the soul.


Deception = a process of demonization in which every facet of the soul is eventually controlled by demonic doctrines, so that there is a complete personality change to some form of sociopathic or psychopathic personality.


There are many sins a person can commit that are designed by Satan and his kingdom to wear down the saints of our Lord; Dan 7:25.


And if the sins of arrogance are allowed to continue, it is inevitable that the believer in Cosmic will become an abnormal person.


Even members of our own family become bitter, angry, judgmental, critical, and in some cases even commit murder mentally toward other individuals because they secretly harbor jealousy and hatefulness.


Shiggaon = the OT word for being mad, or crazy or, even as one Hebrew scholar said, that Shaggaon is, in fact, what psychology calls the bi-polar personality of a sick head and a deceitful heart; Jer 17:9.


The prophet Isaiah said that these types of individuals are usually bullheaded from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet.


ISA 1:5   Where will you be stricken again or attacked mentally as you continue in your rebellion? The whole head is sick, And the whole heart is faint.


ISA 1:6  From the sole of the foot even to the head there is nothing sound in it, only bruises, welts, and raw wounds, Not pressed out or bandaged, nor softened with oil.


Job 15:14-16, "man is vile and corrupt, and he who drinks up evil like water.

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