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The secret of the mystery, part 114. The mystery of adoption - Part 2.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another result of the mystery doctrine of Church-age which all believers should be initiated into is the principle of adoption.

The biblical connotation of adoption, based on the Roman aristocratic function of adoption in the time when the New Testament was written, is not the same as our twentieth century practice.

In Scripture adoption means to be recognized by God as an “adult” son positionally at salvation and an adult son experientially at maturity.

In the spiritual realm, imputations at salvation are made as part of the ceremony of recognizing that we now have a plan and purpose in life.
All believers become adopted as sons at salvation.

Roman aristocrats would adopt whomever they considered most worthy to carry on the family name and wealth.

The actual ceremony was called adrogatio.
The law could not be reversed, so that as long as you were alive, you were the heir.

Adoption meant selection to special privilege.

Adoption refers to our equal privilege and equal opportunity under predestination.

It also meant rank and aristocracy not necessarily based on physical birth.

However you failed, whatever your handicaps from birth, environment, or bad decisions from a position of weakness; all of that was set aside when you were adopted at salvation.

The father had ready on a table a beautiful white linen robe with a purple border called the toga virilus, the robe of manhood, and a signet ring.

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