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The secret of the mystery, Part 135. The four dimensions of the PPOG.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Platos - width = unlimited power of the PSD’s.

“Sun” = “with all the saints” - emphasizes equality of all believers of the Church-age.

“Sun” = in the company of, together with, in association with, along with, accompanied by, to sit beside with,
in fellowship with.

EPH 3:18 that you may be able to comprehend or grasp the idea in the presence of all the saints what is “the[to’] breadth [platos] and [kai] length [mekos] and [kai] height [hupsos] and [kai] depth [bathos]”

EPH 3:18 - the four dimensions are all talking about the same thing: God’s plan, will, and purpose for every Church-age believer. These four nouns emphasize the fact that God has provided the means of tactical victory for every believer becoming a winner, an invisible hero, reaching our subject of fulfilling the PPOG for your life.

Breadth - platos - width [TCNT] = the great extent of something.

This function of the defense line of your soul, made up of the ten problem-solving devices which are designed to prevent the outside pressures of adversity from becoming the inside pressures of stress in the soul.

The application of this word as it relates to the PPOG = the defense line of your soul, made up of the ten problem-solving devices, designed to prevent the outside pressures of life from becoming the inside pressures of stress in the soul.

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EPH 3:18 That you may utilize the power to grasp the idea with all the saints what is the width [the defense line of your soul made up of the ten-problem solving devices].

Length - mekos - greatness or magnitude = the pre-designed plan of God for your life with metabolized doctrine circulating in the soul through the filling of the Spirit. Mekos = knowing the plan of God from the viewpoint of eternity past, the angelic conflict, and dispensationalism.

Height - hupos = execution of the PPOG and reaching the height of supergrace, becoming an invisible hero, and having an impact on those around you.

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It refers to the execution of the PPOG, becoming an invisible hero, the conveyance of escrow blessings for time and eternity, and glorifying God in the historical phase of the prehistoric angelic conflict, therefore reaching the “high ground” of spiritual maturity.

Height/hupsos = the fantastic “spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ,” EPH 1:3, the phenomenal power made available for every Church-age believer, EPH 1:19-20, and our position in Christ and union with Him, EPH 2:4-7.

Height = where the glorification of God in the angelic conflict takes place, in “heavenly places,” EPH 3:10; EPH 6:12.

“Depth” - bathos = our very own portfolio of invisible assets, the fantastic riches of God, the deep things of God, and the spiritual warfare that a believer must be aware of.

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This word is used, REV 2:24, to describe the “deep things of Satan.”

1CO 2:10 For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.

Depth - ROM 11:33, Oh, the depth of the riches of both the wisdom and knowledge of God! How inscrutable are His decrees and His ways past finding out!

ROM 11:36, for all things are from the source of Him and through the agency of Him and because of Him. The glory belongs to Him forever. Amen.”

“To know” - aor-act-inf - ginosko = to know, to concentrate on, or to be intimate with someone.
It is literally the love from Christ.

You must understand someone’s love before you can respond to it.

You must learn to look through the exteriors of personalities and see the character of the soul of that individual.

To understand the love from God we need to understand His character.

Surpasses - pres-act-part - huperballo = to surpass, to go beyond, to exceed, or to excel. Present tense = it constantly surpasses, but it does not surpass epignosis (wisdom or metabolized doctrine); it surpasses gnosis (knowledge).

Gnosis is human knowledge.
Epignosis is divine wisdom.

Epi means over and beyond.
Gnosis means knowledge.
“Over and beyond gnosis.”

This passage is not saying that you cannot understand the love of God because it passes knowledge.
It is saying, you can understand the love of Christ through epignosis.

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“Exceeding abundantly” - adverb huperekperissou = beyond all measure or infinitely more than.

Spiritual metabolism leads to supergrace.
Supergrace leads to capacity.
Capacity leads to blessing, and blessing glorifies God.

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