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The secret of the mystery. Part 146. Conspiracy designed to hinder your equal privilege and equal opportunity.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

People and distractions can hinder the believer from the execution of their equal privilege and equal opportunity and making their calling and election a spiritual reality.

Why did the Holy Spirit choose to record this genealogy for us?

Moses is the son of Levi, and the son of Kohath. Moses and Korah were first cousins.

Moses and Aaron were brothers and their first cousin was Korah.

JOH 4:44 For Jesus Himself testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country.

As far as he is concerned, he grew up with Moses and he is just as qualified to do the same job.

He grew up with Aaron and Miriam, Moses’ sister, and he considered himself superior to them.

Took - Qal imperfect - laqach = to take over or to gain over.

His associates were Dathan and Abiram.
“On” ended up backing out, so there were three of them.

In Num 14, Moses warned the congregation of Israel against going out to the promise land, and they turned against Moses; the people went out anyway and were then defeated by the Amorites.

These are the type of people who can easily be swayed in a conspiracy: bitter people, failures, and losers.

Rose up - Qal kal future - qum = to rise up against, or to stand up to someone.

Men of renown = these were men with good personalities or men of distinction or as one translation says, “men of note.”

They were into approbation lust and power lust.

In Numbers, they did establish compatibility on the basis of personality.

They did not want freedom because freedom demands responsibility.

Just like today, many believers do not want freedom and liberty and privacy and grace; it’s too much pressure.

These were people who listened to Moses, but frankly they were looking for an excuse to reject his message.

1. You have gone far enough - we’ve had it with you.
2. “For all the congregation are holy” = we are just as good as you.

In a conspiracy there are always those who are jealous, covetous, envious, and lustful of what the victim of their conspiracy has.

3. The Lord is in our midst; we don’t need you; the Lord is with us also.

If God wanted Moses removed all He would have to do is remove Him.

When God does something, it is always a right thing in a right way.

4. “Why do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of the Lord?” = “You make yourself higher than others; you’re unapproachable.”

He is referring specifically to the 250 princes, but he is applying it in his subtle way to everyone.

He is deceiving people and using them for personal gain.

He is getting as many individuals involved in this as he can, so that the conspiracy will have some credibility and believability.

Once you get people involved in a conspiracy through whatever means possible, like lying, gossip, judging, defamation of character, etc.

1. You give the conspiracy some credibility and believability.
2. You bully people into supporting something that is evil without them even knowing it.

3. You put them in a position of supporting the conspiracy, which is very difficult for them to get out of, unless they make some drastic decisions.

4. You cause them to get involved with the evil behind the conspiracy, which can be used in the future to keep them committed to the conspiracy, as well.

“Communication does not mean defense, rather it means to rest our case by stating the truth through facts and appealing to the supreme court of heaven.”

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