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The Secret of the Mystery. Part 161.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Point 6. The introduction to the four categories of invisible assets.

The suffering for blessing assets: providential preventative suffering, momentum testing, and evidence testing.

2CO 12:10 - Paul reveals how spiritual strength comes from putting muscle on the first stage of spiritual growth, spiritual self-esteem.

1. Weaknesses.
2. People testing.
3. The mental attitude test which will help you not to worry.
4. The persecution or mistreatment test.
5. The prerequisite for passing disaster testing.

Proof of genuine discipleship is patient endurance in times of undeserved suffering.

When God’s power is at work within us, we have the invisible assets working to supply us with our escrow blessings.

Momentum testing is designed for two reasons:
To provide the believer with the opportunity to apply doctrine he has learned at SSE and afterwards passing providential preventative suffering.

Momentum testing is given to accelerate the believer’s growth.

To accelerate the believer’s momentum.
No believer attains maturity apart from momentum testing.

Spiritual growth is accelerated from the application of Bible doctrine to the categories of testing.

All suffering is divided into two categories: Suffering for testing and blessing, and suffering for discipline and punishment.

Some of the testing in the PPOG is suffering, and some of it is prosperity.

Whether adversity or prosperity, the PPOG is for your good.

1. The old sin nature test.
2. Cosmic #1 test.
3. Cosmic #2 test.
4. Disaster testing.
5. People testing.
6. System testing.
7. Thought testing.
8. Prosperity testing.

Man with his own volition invented the old sin nature. Adam’s old sin nature is the basis for perpetuating the old sin nature because he was not deceived, but knew what he was doing when he sinned.

Adam’s original sin is imputed to mankind at birth.
At the same time God imputes human life to the soul.

Man’s twenty-three contaminated chromosomes which fertilize the female ovum, which is uncontaminated by the old sin nature, pass on the old sin nature to each member of the human race.

The exception is Christ, who received the twenty-three male chromosomes from the Holy Spirit, so that He was born without a sin nature, and no original sin could be imputed to Him.

The old sin nature is the inside source of temptation.

No one ever sins apart from human consent.
Volition is your authority in your soul.

If the volition says yes to the temptation, then the old sin nature controls the soul rather than the Holy Spirit.

Neither ignorance nor insanity is an excuse for either sin or crime.

1) The old sin nature controls the soul.
2) The believer enters the cosmic system.
The believer is either spiritual, living inside the PPOG, or carnal, living inside the cosmic system.

Most temptations come from within, from the old sin nature, but some come from without, from someone else’s old sin nature.

If the believer is at spiritual autonomy and occupied with Christ there are two applications of Bible doctrine in this test: resistance of temptation and recovery from sinfulness.

If the believer does sin, and he does even in spiritual autonomy, occupation with Christ causes an immediate recovery from the sinfulness and back into fellowship with the Lord.

Occupation with Christ immediately delivers the believer from guilt, condemnation, fear, worry, anxiety, shame, punishment, phobia, distress, tension, blame, or denunciation.

2. Cosmic #1 test.

1) Will the believer submit to the ministry of the Holy Spirit or will the believer grieve the Holy Spirit?
2) The cosmic one test emphasizes arrogance; self in contrast to God -Target: self.
3) The cosmic one test emphasizes Satan’s attitude at the time of his fall.

The cosmic one test includes a test to see if you will get involved with motivational evil, mental attitude sins, arrogance, pride, jealousy, bitterness, hatred, anger, guilt, revenge, vindictiveness, implacability, self-pity, operation over-think.

3. Cosmic #2 test.
This is Satan’s interlocking system of antagonism toward the Christian way of life and toward our Lord.

The direct attack of cosmic two is to cause believers to become antagonistic to the Word of God, and consequently, toward the plan of God.

The cosmic system is the trap for the enslavement of the human race to Satan; it is a factory for the manufacture of losers.

The test of cosmic 2 is to discredit doctrine, attack doctrine, or cause doctrine to become lightly esteemed.

4. Disaster testing.
(1) Personal disaster testing is designed as suffering for blessing for acceleration of momentum.
(2) Historical disaster, collective disaster, or national disaster testing is related to the bad decisions of others in which you are involved by association.

1. Pain, e.g., physical or mental pain and anguish.
2. Crime, where you are the victim.
3. Persecution (not paranoia).

4. Privation = hunger, thirst, exposure, fatigue.
5. Loss of loved ones, property, success, money, etc.
6. Disease and handicaps.

1) Violence, crime, terrorism, dope, murder.
2) Warfare.
3) Weather includes heat, cold, storms, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes.
4) Cycles of discipline.
5. People testing.

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