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The secret of the mystery, Part 173. Spiritual gifts and the portfolio of invisible assets.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The category of the function of your spiritual gift.

Several things do not constitute Christian service, such as civil disobedience and Christian activism.
Such functions reflect the moral degeneracy of loser believers.

A spiritual gift is a unique ability sovereignly given to each believer by God the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation.

The spiritual gifts are given for the common good or for the edification of the Church.

Charisma - “gift” = something freely and graciously given.
It means a favor bestowed or a favor given.

Point 1. The source of spiritual gifts is a fascinating subject because it involves all three members of the Trinity.

a. God the Father as the source, HEB 2:4.

Witness - pres-act-part - sunepimartureo = to attest together with, to join in bearing witness, to unite in adding testimony.

ACT 1:8 but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.

b. The ministry of God the Son in the distribution of spiritual gifts, EPH 4:7-8.

1. The transfer of Old Testament saints from Paradise in Hades to heaven.
2. Spiritual gifts were distributed.

TLJC gave gifts to “men” - dative plural masculine noun anthropois.

c. God the Holy Spirit gives to each of us at salvation a spiritual gift as He wills, 1CO 12:11.

Point 2. Definition and Description.
Charisma - derived from grace.
Charis = grace.
Suffix “ma” = receivers of grace.

In the Church-age spiritual gifts are the sovereign decision of God the Holy Spirit given to every believer at the moment of salvation.

Tongues, interpretation of tongues, healings, and miracles were all temporary spiritual gifts, no longer in existence today.

Spiritual - pneumatika = spirituality or spiritual things.

Spiritual gifts are sovereignly given by the Holy Spirit to each believer at the point of salvation.

The initial distribution of spiritual gifts, from the day of Pentecost for about twenty years, came from the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit.

Since that time, the Holy Spirit makes the distribution of all spiritual gifts, HEB 2:4, 1CO 12:11.

Your spiritual gift becomes operational through normal spiritual growth.

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