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The secret of the mystery Part 180. The meaning behind our Royal ambassadorship.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

The second Unique Royal Commission for every Church-age Believer, our Royal Ambassadorship and the Divine Provision of Logistical Grace Support and Blessing.

Logistics is a military word which refers to the military science of supply, provision, and planning of troop movement.

It is the provision, movement, and maintenance of all resources and services necessary to sustain military forces.

Logistics = the military science of planning, handling, and implementation of personnel under every possible military condition. Logistical grace includes six categories of support.

1. Life-sustaining support is provided by God.

2. Temporal needs such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, environment, time, a job, etc. are also provided by God, MAT 6:33; PHI 4:19.

3. Security provision is taught in the doctrine of eternal security.

1PE 1:5 “We are kept by the power of God.”

4. Spiritual riches are provided by God, such as our portfolio of invisible assets, the ten problem-solving devices, and the unique factors of the Church-age.

Spiritual provision of an evangelist, a pastor, the privacy of your priesthood, the Canon, and a local church are all provided for you.

EPH 1:3 “Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing."

5. Blessings are given to every believer, both winners and losers. These are not to be confused with escrow blessings which are far greater.

6. God preserves us from death.

The Logistical Grace Rationale -
MAT 6:25-34 - the “not to worry” passage.

1. We are commanded not to worry because God, in logistical grace, will provide for us, regardless of our spiritual status.
2. The principle from the first command is that there is no meter on God’s grace.

3. Are you more important than a bird? If so, then not to worry!
4. Fear, worry, anxiety, apprehension is rejection or ignorance of God’s logistical grace provision.
5. God provides logistical grace support for winners as well as losers.

The more areas in your life that you surrender to fear, the more things you fear. The more things about which you worry, the more things you worry about.

The more things that acquire the power of fear in your life, the greater your capacity for arrogance and becoming a loser.

The more you acquire the power of worry in your life, the greater your capacity for worry and becoming a loser; yet God still supports you.

The application of verse 34 is that you can so live in the past that you do not live in the present and you worry about the future.

Logistical grace is the basis for stability in time -
1PE 5:12 I have written you briefly exhorting and testifying that this is the true grace of God. Stand fast in it.

Logistical grace is designed for momentum in the plan of God.
HEB 12:28 Therefore, because we have received to ourselves an unshakable kingdom, let us keep holding grace, through which we might render acceptable service to God with reverence toward Christ and respect toward doctrine.

Logistical grace continues even in reversionism.
2CO 6:1 “Do not receive the grace of God in vain.”
GAL 5:8 “You have drifted off course from grace.”
HEB 12:15 “See that no one falls back from the grace of God.”

1. Logistical support which is designed to sustain you.

MAT 5:45 - for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

2. Logistical blessing which is additional blessing, and more than just support.

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The righteousness of God has demanded, ever since the moment of your salvation, that the justice of God sustain your life through every stupid mistake and every dumb decision you make.

The righteousness of God demands that the justice of God keep you alive to fulfill your personal destiny and what you have been elected for.

On a daily basis, the justice of God sends to us, to the indwelling righteousness of God, everything it takes to keep you alive and to sustain you, and as well as great and fantastic blessings.

The justice of God also sends undeserved blessings to all believers, winners and losers alike.

All logistical blessing in the Christian life comes in this manner to the winner and loser alike.

God blesses you only because you have His righteousness indwelling you; hence, His integrity is not compromised.

Our blessing is a matter of grace, just as our salvation was a matter of grace.

Point 1. Definition and Description.
a. An ambassador is a high ranking minister of state or of royalty sent to another state to represent his sovereign or country.

By analogy we are spiritual aristocracy as members of the Royal Family of God, and Christ is the king who has sent us into a foreign country, the cosmic world.

Two commissions are given the believer at salvation: the royal priesthood, which is a part of the equal privilege of election; and the royal ambassadorship, which is a part of the equal privilege of predestination.

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