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The secret of the mystery, part 197. The rapture will be the end of the age of no prophecy, part 7.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It was something that has been really studied since about 1824 when John Darby really began to teach this and understand it.

He found that God never mixes Israel and the Church.

Then he began to see in a fresh new light something that people had read over and over and never really related it to prophecy - the church had always been a mystery before it was created.

The mystery was the fact that God was going to have a period in human history where He would deal with the Gentiles and not the Jews.

We are only saved and included in God’s program because we have inherited the covenant given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - the root.

The four unconditional covenants given to Israel include: the Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New Covenants to Israel.

1. The Abrahamic Covenant defines the race for client nation Israel. Abraham became a Jew at age 99; circumcision was the sign, GEN 12:1-3; GEN 13:15-16; GEN 15:18; GEN 22:15-18; GEN 26:3-4; EXO 6:2-8.
2. The Palestinian Covenant defines the land for client nation Israel, GEN 15:18; NUM 34:1-12; DEU 30:1-9;JOS 1:3-4.

3. The Davidic Covenant defines the dynasty for client nation Israel, 2SA 7:8-16; PSA 89:20-37.
4. The New Covenant defines the restoration of the client nation Israel at the Second Advent and its Millennial modus operandi, JER 31:31-34. This part of the contract is not operational until the Second Advent.

The four covenants = Abrahamic Covenant defines the race, Palestinian Covenant defines the land, Davidic Covenant defines the dynasty, New Covenant defines the restoration of the client nation Israel.

GEN 15:6 Then he believed in the Lord; and He reckoned it to him as righteousness.

Rome calls itself the holy city rather than Jerusalem.

What does a Jew have to do today to be saved?

He has to come to a Gentile dominated church and believe in Jesus as Messiah.

The church had a very specific beginning at Pentecost, and it is going to have a very specific ending, the Rapture, and then God is going to go back and deal with Israel again.

Not that a Jew is believing and becoming a member of the church because what we are talking about here is the position of God’s special blessing on a group of people.

If they are grafted back into their own olive tree God is once again going to be dealing with the Jew in a place of favor.

God could not foretell that He had a special church coming made up of Gentiles and that He was going to accomplish what He called the fulness of the Gentiles because then the Jews would have held up in front of His face that they were going to fail to believe in the Messiah when He came and therefore when He came naturally they rejected Him because God already had an alternate program in place.

God had to keep this alternate program a mystery so that He could make an all out bona fide offer of the kingdom that was promised to the Jew.

The fulness of the Gentiles is talking about this parenthesis in history we call the church.

The Church began with a miracle, the baptism of the Spirit; the Church will end with a miracle, the Rapture.

If you think that the Rapture seems to be unrealistic just think how unrealistic the baptism of the Spirit is - being placed in union with Christ; He is the Head, we are the body.

You share His life which is eternal life.
You share Christ’s righteousness.
We share the election of Christ, an escrow election.
We share the destiny of Christ, predestination.

We share the sonship of Christ.
We are the heirs of God and joint-heirs with the Son of God.
We are a royal priesthood, sharing the priesthood of Christ.
We have eternal security; we can never get out of union with Christ whether we are winners or losers.

We are adopted into the Royal Family of God.
We are a royal family of kings.

When God’s purpose “in the fulness of the Gentiles” in the church is finished, God’s going to have to get the Church out of the way so that He can go back to dealing with Israel.

When one understands the unique purpose of the present age as the Mystery age then one understands that there’s no purpose to be served by the Church’s presence upon the earth during the Tribulation.

The church’s presence on the earth would hinder the purpose of God in the Tribulation because it is to be a time when God allows the full manifestation of evil for the sake of Israel’s redemption and for the unsaved Gentiles.

When the believer understands that Satan’s attack is directed, not toward the Church but Israel during the Tribulation period, Rev 12 and Dan 12, then one understands that the Church, Satan’s enemy, will not be here.

The first witness is the Lord Jesus Christ.
The second witness are the winner believers who make up the new man who is the new witness, the body of Christ.
The third witness is Christian marriage.

Satan is so enraged because of his failure to hinder the humanity of Christ from coming upon the earth, and because of his failure to destroy the star witness, Jesus Christ, the second witness, the new man, the body of Christ, and the third witness, Christian marriage.

When one understands the clear exegetical syntax of 2TH 2:1, and is aware that Paul is convincing the disturbed believers of Thessalonica that they have a whole church here that is living in a lifestyle of fear because they were agitated by a false report that the Tribulation period had begun - one becomes aware that like the believers in Thessalonica, the final gathering of believers are resurrected in immortal bodies and will precede the Tribulation period.

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