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The secret of the mystery, part 199. The rapture will be the end of the age of no prophecy, part 9.

Friday, March 9, 2007

When one understands the contained purpose of God for the Mystery age and that that Mystery purpose is separate entirely from the destiny of the nation of Israel and the unsaved Gentiles, then one understands the necessity of the entire church being Raptured before that time called by Daniel the 70th week of years.

If a believer has perception regarding the prehistoric angelic conflict and the appeal trial of Satan, then you will understand the difference between the Church-age and the Tribulation period -

- and that the Tribulation period coincides with Satan’s rebuttal, so the Tribulation period must be separate from the Church-age.

One period is God’s rebuttal toward Satan, the Church-age.
The other period is Satan’s rebuttal toward God, the Tribulation period.

At the Rapture, the Church, the new man, the second witness in the angelic conflict is gone to the courtroom of heaven, and they are now on the witness protection program.

Godliness - eusebeia = the spiritual life of TLJC.

In the Tribulation period, we will have the mystery of lawlessness, 2TH 2:7.

The spiritual life of two unique humanities is the means and defeat of Satan in the angelic realm: TLJC, the unique humanity, and the Church, the new humanity.

The Church -
2CO 5:17, a new creature.
GAL 6:15, a new creation.
EPH 2:15, one new man.
EPH 4:24, put on the new self.

The first witness, the star witness, TLJC, is out of reach - He is seated at the right hand of God.

The second witness, the Church, will also be out of reach after the Rapture - the new man, the Church, on earth right now.

The third witness, not necessary or needed but still there, Christian marriage, will also go up in the Rapture.

This will leave the man of lawlessness, 2TH 2:3, and the mystery of lawlessness of 2TH 2:7, unrestrained.

“What” - in the neuter the first time because it is a reference to the spiritual life.

The restrainer is seen as an agency, the spiritual life, seen as a person, God the Holy Spirit, because you cannot remove omnipresence, but you can remove imminent presence or resident presence of the spiritual life of the Church.

When you remove the Church and those who are living the spiritual life in the Church by means of the Rapture, you are removing that and He who restrains the man of lawlessness and his evil and sinful plans to destroy the Jews.

2TI 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Point 5. Rev 4 illustrates that the Church is no longer on earth and is in heaven worshipping the Lord.

These elders who are seated on thrones are clothed in white garments, crowned with golden crowns, and in heaven in the presence of God.

“The golden crowns” - “chrusous stephanous” = given to Church-age believers, 1CO 9:25, PHI 4:1, 1TH 2:19,2TI 4:8, JAM 1:12, 1PE 5:4.

Nowhere in the scripture are we told that angels are seated on thrones, which speaks of royal dignity and honor.

1. Their position.

To the Church and only to the Church, is co-enthronement promised, REV 3:21-22.

2. The second inerrant mark which identifies these elders as representative of the Church is the number of these elders.

24 is the number of the choruses into which the Levitical priesthood was divided, 1CH 24:1-19;
the number 24 represented priesthood.

Of all the groups of the redeemed only the Church is a priesthood, 1PE 12:5-9; REV 1:6.

3. The testimony of the enthroned elders,
REV 5:8-10.

4. They are called elders, and eldership is a representative office for the Church-age,
ACT 15:2; ACT 20:17.

They are there before a “seal” is opened or a “woe” is uttered and before the “wrath” of God is poured out.

They are in their redeemed state clothed with white raiment and crowned with crowns.

The church is seen in
Rev 19 coming “down” from heaven “following” TLJC.

These believers are seen to be resurrected, in heaven, evaluated, rewarded and enthroned at the beginning of the 70th week or the Tribulational period.

The problem that they had was their misunderstanding of the relationship between the resurrection and the saints who had died before the Rapture.

Paul writes, not to teach the fact of resurrection, but rather the fact that at the Rapture the living would not have an advantage over the dead in Christ.

If the Thessalonians had believed that the Church would be going through the 70th week or the Tribulational period, they would have rejoiced that some of the brethren had missed the period of suffering and were with the Lord without experiencing the outpouring of wrath.

If the Church were going through the Tribulation it would be better to be with the Lord than to have to await the events of the 70th week.

The early church believed that the church would not go through the 70th week, and in their anticipation of the return of Christ they mourned for their brethren whom they thought had missed the blessing of this event.

Point 6. The Power of Resurrection.

The power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is the same power that resurrects each of us at the Rapture or resurrection of the Church.

Both the great power experiment of the Hypostatic Union and the great power experiment of the Church-age terminate in resurrection.

Between the first two resurrections in history is the unique Church-age, the time when maximum divine power is available to every believer.

a. The omnipotence of God the Father restored our Lord’s human spirit in heaven to His body in the grave and thereby became an agent in the resurrection of the humanity of Jesus Christ, Acts 2:24; ROM 6:4; 1CO 6:14;EPH 1:20; COL 2:12; 1TH 1:10; 1PE 1:21.

b. The omnipotence of the Holy Spirit restored our Lord’s human soul in Hades to His body in the grave and thereby became an agent in the resurrection of the humanity of Jesus Christ, ROM 1:4; ROM 8:11; 1PE 3:18.

c. The omnipotence of God the Son raised His human body from the dead in JOH 10:17-18.

After His physical death, our Lord’s human spirit went to the third heaven into the presence of God the Father, His human soul went to Hades, and His body went into the grave = the trichotomous separation.

The omnipotence of God the Father is available to you through your very own portfolio of invisible assets.

The omnipotence of Jesus Christ is available to you, for He daily preserves and perpetuates human history.

The omnipotence of the Holy Spirit is available to you inside the PPOG.

Point 7. The Rapture and the Big Genuflex, PHI 2:9-11.

The Church in resurrection body makes a formal acknowledgment of the Father’s function in the resurrection, ascension, and session of Christ.

The Big Genuflex occurs after the Rapture and before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

The Big Genuflex is the interim event between the Rapture and the Judgment Seat of Christ.

It is both the glorification of the Father’s plan and the recognition of our Lord’s battlefield royalty which was bestowed at His session.

The Big Genuflex is the moment of maximum +H which is perpetuated forever.

We make that happiness meaningful by receiving our eternal rewards and decorations.

Jesus Christ has three categories of royalty.

a. Divine royalty. He is coequal with the other members of the Trinity. His title is “Son of God.”

b. Jewish royalty. Mary is descended from Nathan; Joseph from Solomon.
His title is “Son of David.”

c. Battlefield royalty. The first and second royalties combine to form a third royalty at the cross.

REV 19:12 And His eyes are a flame of fire, and upon His head are many diadems; and He has a name written upon Him which no one knows except Himself.

Our Lord’s new royal title is revealed in Scripture, REV 19:16 - “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

At the Big Genuflex, we will acknowledge Christ’s battlefield royalty.

Our praise of our Lord’s strategic victory is our recognition of what Christ accomplished from the cross to the session.

The tactical victory will then be recognized at the Judgment Seat of Christ by the imputation of eternal rewards to all mature believers who will glorify Christ forever,
ISA 53:4,11-12.

ISA 53:12b “Then He will distribute the spoil to the great ones.”

The Big Genuflex, our acknowledgment of Christ in eternity, will be the greatest moment of worship in history, full of great singing.

In time, we acknowledge Christ by our daily intake of doctrine.

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