The secret of the mystery. Part 216. The mystery of Christian marriage. Part 9.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

1. The star witness, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is called the faithful and true witness –
REV 3:14 And to the messenger of the church in Laodicea write: The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God, says this:

2. The individual witnesses, born-again believers who fulfill the spiritual life and glorify God, ACT 1:8.

3. The corporate witness of Christian marriage wherein two believers, a man and a woman, fulfill the three laws of marriage.

a. The husband’s love for the wife, EPH 5:25.
b. The respect of the woman to the man, EPH 5:22.
c. EPH 4:32 – forgiveness.

The principle of personal love and intimidation.

a. Personal love in marriage depends upon impersonal love as a problem-solving device.
b. Intimidation in marriage eliminates capacity for love and substitutes fear.
c. The husband can be intimidated in two categories.
1) A strong woman who assumes the masculine role in marriage.
2) A weak woman who intimidates by nagging, self-righteous arrogance, legalistic activism.

A woman in polarized legalism is always right in her own eyes, and therefore she superimposes her viewpoint on her husband and corrects him on things that have nothing to do with the marriage.

d. Intimidation in marriage becomes a problem without solutions, because one or both partners are ignorant of the problem-solving devices.

When the woman is a blessing to the man, the woman gets the greater happiness.

Marriage is a problem manufacturing device which demands the best from every believer.

Success or failure in marriage is a reflection of your spiritual life.

a. Getting married in the attraction stage of romance.
b. Never growing up in marriage – never attaining the stages of compatibility or rapport.

In romance and marriage two categories of learning are necessary.
a. For unbelievers and believers – the laws of divine establishment.
b. For believers only – Bible doctrine from which virtue and the problem-solving devices are extrapolated.

Premarital sex causes those involved to lean on emotions to the point where they often become irrational.

Intimacy in the attraction stage destroys a relationship; for God designed romance and marriage to place compatibility first.

“Compatibility first” = to explore how a person thinks, to discover what they really are, what is the dark side, what is the bright side, what are the flaws in a person.

COL 3:19 “Husbands, love your wives [personal love] and do not be bitter against them.”

Obedience is active virtue in the wife.

COL 3:18 “Wives, be subordinate to your husbands as is fitting in the Lord.”
God did not design a system where the man is to be a bully.

Active arrogance includes mental attitude sins, emotional sins, and all the sins involved in pulling the pins of the grenade and fragmenting yourself.
Moral arrogance causes far more divorces than immoral arrogance.

Active arrogance is the believer involved in the cosmic system.
Active arrogance is reversing the roles in marriage (the man becomes feminine and the woman masculine).

In passive arrogance the subject is acted upon by something or someone else.

1) The active virtue side is sensitivity and thoughtfulness of others which stems from grace orientation.
2) The passive virtue side is the avoidance of hypersensitivity, self-pity, and guilt.

In passive virtue, the believer is acted upon by God the Holy Spirit to understand Bible doctrine.

Passive virtue is reception of the teaching of Bible doctrine resulting in spiritual momentum.

Passive virtue is to receive divine discipline and to profit from it.

In passive arrogance, we are acted on by the old sin nature, by guilt, by others who dislike or hate us, or by a bullying husband or a nagging wife.

In passive arrogance, the man depends on the praise and approbation of others to bolster his ego.

In passive arrogance the subject is acted upon by arrogance, guilt, self-pity, role model arrogance, unrealistic expectation, iconoclastic arrogance, or emotion; we receive the action.

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