Grace Bible Church
Pastor Teacher
Robert R. McLaughlin
The Secrets of GOD belong to Him. What He has revealed belongs to us.

Grace Bible Church
Pastor Teacher
Robert R. McLaughlin
The Secrets of GOD belong to Him. What He has revealed belongs to us.

Remember that there are a few passages in the Word of God that reveal the importance of the believer realizing that there are secrets and gems and mysteries found throughout the word of God that are worth the believer’s attention to dig out the mysteries of the Word of God.

This week we noted that in DEU 29:29, our Lord said, "The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.”

Our Lord always relied on the ministry of the Holy Spirit rather than the goodness of man or the Adamic nature.

In the Hypostatic-union, the Lord was not only God, but He also has the nature of man within Himself but, and this is a big “but,”  He did not use His own deity to serve and show worship toward the Father but instead He used the power of the Holy Spirit that indwelt Him as an example for us.

Theandric Action is the fullness OF God’s nature overflowing in the human vessel which is surrendered to the plan of God.

I dedicate this next statement to those believers who have the ability to present to you the devastating results of failing to live in Theandric Action, and sharing the eternal benefits of being established with God's nature through the power of the Spirit and the Word of God.

Now, it must be emphasized that Theandric Action does not mean losing our individuality or creative capacity, nor does it imply that our sin nature can ever be eradicated.

We are not to force changes in our life but we are to realize what the apostle Paul said in 1CO 15:l0, "I labored more abun­dantly than them all [that is all the other apostles], yet not I, but the grace of God that was in me."

Paul never lost his individuality, yet he operated in the power of God's disposition or nature throughout his ministry. Truth concerning the invisible God can only be imparted to natural men by those Christians who under­stand and live in the appropriation of the principle of Theandric Action.

As you continue to grow, you will see that, as the Christian faces every situation in life in the power of Theandric Action, the nature of God will be revealed to believers throughout the world.

And through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, all human problems and failures can be transformed into victories for the believer who, in courage and faith, applies this principle.

Remember, the Christian way of life is divided into two general categories:  living and dying.

And, if you experience a period of time when you know you're dying, then you have the opportunity of utilizing the Theandric Action that God has given to all of us to use as members of the Royal Family of God.

Now, if you advance to spiritual maturity and if you become a spiritual champion and an invisible hero, then it can be said that you have enjoyed living.

And if you have enjoyed living, you will love dying with the Lord by your side.

And in dying, remember that God has saved the best until last.

Dying is a part of Christian experience which does not depend upon the volition of the believer, but on the sovereignty of God.

In the living phase of God's plan, the believer has control over his life for successes or failure, for execution of God's plan or failure to do so.

In the dying phase of God's plan, the believer has no control over the time, place, or manner of his death.

The physical death of the Church-age believer is a matter of the wisdom, integrity, and sovereignty of God.

And because the integrity of God cannot be unfair or unjust, the time, place, and manner of our physical death is a perfect decision from Him.

And this means that anytime you become critical or upset, blaming God for the departure of a loved one, you're in a state of blasphemy.

His decision about the death of any person is never unfair.

The point is that nothing will prolong your life beyond God's time for you to die.

It simply means that God in His own wisdom has made the decision regarding the death of each one of us.

Prin-Since the omniscience of God knows all the facts in each individual case, including the time, place, and manner of our Lord’s physical and spiritual death which is always a wise decision when it comes from our Lord.

All decisions from the sovereignty of God are made in perfect and eternal wisdom, including the time, place, and manner of dying.

Some believers will die as losers; some will die as winners; however, all will go to heaven.

So, death is a reality and the main thing that we all need to understand is what happens to us when we die is death to all of us and how do we solve the problems that accompany death, either personal or impersonal?

Theandric Action is around today but it doesn’t seem to functioning as it should which would manifest itself in our life in relationship.

  1. These are the Last Adam and the New Creation; 2Co 5:17.
  2. The Head and the Body;
  3. The Shepherd and the Sheep;
  4. The Vine and the Branches;
  1. The Cornerstone and the building;
  2. The High Priest and the Royal Priesthood;
  3. The Groom and the Bride analogy;
  4. The King of kings and the Royal Family of God; 1PE 2:5-9.

The wickedness of human nature is expressed in national disputes, racial discrimination, political upheaval, and the expression of violence in every aspect of human interaction.

The Bible is not mistaken in the basic premise that no man is excluded from the capability of committing the worst moral or ethical violation because he possesses a fallen, depraved, and inherently sinful heart.

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