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Your self-determination determines your capacity for life or the excuses you make.

Friday, May 2, 2008

If there’s nothing worth living for, there’s nothing worth dying for, and if there’s nothing worth dying for, there’s nothing worth living for.

Usually historical disaster is defined in one type of situation, like the possibility of economic depression. On the other hand it might come from another direction, military disaster, or natural disaster.

The thing that makes life so wonderful is not what you have, for many people have more than you will ever dream of, and yet they are totally miserable.

It is not the relationship you sustain with other people of the human race, although it may be a very wonderful relationship.

There are too many people running around loose today who do not have any capacity for life.

1. Capacity for life is related to the circumstances of life, PHI 4:11-12 Not because I am speaking with reference to poverty or lack; for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. In fact, I have come to experience, or I have come to know how to be degraded. [divine discipline for reversionism.] Also I have come to know, what it is to live in prosperity, [supergrace or ultra-supergrace.]

In every place and in all circumstances I have been initiated into the mystery both how to be well fed, saturated with doctrine, and to hunger for more doctrine, leading to ultra-supergrace.

PHI 4:13 I have the endowed power [maximum doctrine resident in the soul], to attain all things [ultra-supergrace and dying grace], By means of the One, God the Holy Spirit who keeps on pouring the power, the doctrine into me.

2. Capacity for life is also related to your status quo in life or lifestyle.
3. Capacity is related to the supergrace life.

2CO 9:8 And God has the ability to cause all grace to superabound toward you, in order that always having a capacity for life in all things you may superabound with reference to the production of divine good.

4. Capacity is related to prosperity and blessing -
1TI 6:6 But living the spiritual life keeps on being a great means of prosperity when accompanied by contentment or capacity for life.

Only the plan of God provides for the individual that capacity for life, that whether you are enjoying prosperity, or whether you find yourself in adversity and disaster, you still have that tremendous zest for life.

Zest is that tremendous ability to meet and face any circumstance, any difficulty, without panic and without going to some system of false security, and without falling apart.

Without understanding of this principle you will never be free from the details of life and the fact that whatever you have by way of money is generally meaningless.

For the believer, since God has a plan for your life, positive volition results in great blessing and great blessing includes capacity.

On the other hand, to become bitter, and to become upset by what appears to be the depriving of your security, by the revolutionary trends, the violence, the solutions that are no solutions, whether you have or have not, the capacity for a life in your soul is the thing that counts.

You can survive all of the disasters of life, with perfect inner happiness and inner peace, and without the usual attended bitterness and reaction and reciprocity of violence and so on.

We are guests of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are here to represent Him as ambassadors of Christ.

Our life has to be related to things in the future, which we call prophecy and Eschatology.

We are victims of many types of propaganda, and were it not for the word of God and what it teaches, we would really be in a jam.

Like the Jews, we have a fantastic heritage, a spiritual heritage that comes to us, because we have personally believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the God of Israel.

So many things in the Old Testament have direct application and have many other wonderful advantages spiritually in our growth.

One of the most obvious is that it is in the Word of God.

The content deals with the Jews, and yet we are never going to be very far removed from Israel.

You must constantly remember that it is Israel who has in effect passed the torch on to us, in order that we might carry on as a client nation.

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