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The similarities between Isaac and the Jew and Ishmael and the Arabs.

Friday, May 31, 2002

Said - Qal imperfect - amar = a divine promise and indicates the perpetuation of more doctrinal instruction necessary to reiterate and bring home these points.

No - negative adverb - aval = his request for Ishmael to be in the covenant and to live before God is not granted.

Shall bear - Qal active participle - jalad = conception, pregnancy, and birth.

First there will be sexual supergrace prosperity that will last for a few months, and then there will be pregnancy.

There will be nine months of carrying the blastocyst, embryo, and then the fetus; then the fetus will emerge, and God will give neshamah, the spark of life, to the fetus, and the fetus will become a human being named Isaac or laughter.

This is the expression of the fathers authority in the home, 1CO 11:3; EPH 5:22; COL 3:18; 1PE 3:1-7.

Why do the wicked prosper? Why do the evil prosper? They are associated with someone who has pleased God.

The greatest thing he left behind was his ultra supergrace status, which guaranteed that his children, and his grandchildren, all would have fantastic blessings and these blessings would go down for generations.

Hiphil imperfect - jalad = He will cause to beget; to sire, a man of rank will father children of rank.

Nebaioth - an Arab tribe living in Southern Arabia. Kedar - a nomadic tribe of Ishmaelites that wandered as far as the Red Sea. Mibsam - a tribe dwelling in part of Arabia.

Mishma - head of an Arabian tribe. Dumah - a tribe in the Syrian desert. Massa - founder of an Arabian tribe in the Persian Gulf.

Hadads tribe - the Persian gulf on the borders of the Syrian desert. Temas tribe - the Syrian desert. Jeturs tribe - northern Jordan. Naphish - east of the Jordan. Kedemah - a nomadic tribe that inhabited Palestine and the Syrian desert between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

A great nation - gadowl gowy Gadowl = great, proud, loud in sound. Gowy = Gentile nation or people.

1. The Arabs, as well as the Jews, are descended from Abraham, and both boast of their descent from their father Abraham.

2. The Arabs, as well as the Jews, are circumcised, and both profess to have derived this ceremony from Abraham.

3. The Arabs, as well as the Jews, had originally twelve patriarchs who were their princes or governors.

Polygamy is prohibited, DEU 17:14-17; LUK 18:18; it is a sin.

Abraham is about to have about three months of ultra-supergrace sexual prosperity; then there will be the pregnancy of Sarah; then the birth of Isaac, so one year from the time our Lord is speaking here, all of this will occur.

There is instant salvation, there is instant rebound from sin, but there is no such thing as instant maturity.

Finish - kalah = to complete, to finish, to end + piel infinitive construct - dabar = the content of the teaching. Piel stem = the teaching is concentrated.

You cannot appreciate, nor enjoy, nor have the capacity for the blessings that come from the justice of God, unless you have learned to concentrate.

Every believer has to take in the doctrine, and there is a time of digesting it, and then the doctrine becomes resident in his own soul, and this is the doctrine he uses in his daily life.

The Doctrine of Application.

Point 1. Introduction.

a. Refusing to hear the teaching of the word of God on a consistent basis.

b. Hearing the teaching of Bible doctrine but refusing to metabolize it = the failure to convert gnosis into epignosis.

c. Metabolizing doctrine so it exists in the soul, but refusing to apply the doctrine when needed.

1. The accumulation of scar tissue formed in the soul.

2. Withdrawal occurs resulting in the accumulation of trash in the soul.

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